Simple Birthday Bash Brings Great Joy

Every child’s birthday deserves to be celebrated. Dima, the son of former orphan Elena, is no exception. He recently turned two years old, and Allies volunteers were there to make sure he enjoyed his special day. They helped Elena throw a humble yet meaningful celebration by preparing a table full of sweets and giving Dima a variety of presents from Allies partners, including much-needed winter clothes and shoes.

The joy was evident in Dima, who suffered serious burns from an accidental house fire just almost one year ago. He has since recovered but still needs to undergo another surgery in relation to his injury. It is no surprise then that his mother was equally happy and thankful for the gesture, especially when Dima was presented with his main gift—a three-wheeler! He was especially impressed with the real headlight. He was also very excited to receive so much attention from the volunteers, who, on a monthly basis have been helping Lena with groceries as she has yet to find stable employment.

“It is so pleasant to bring joy to people, especially to those who don't have it often,” volunteer Larisa said. 



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