Old St. Nick Pays Children A Visit

Jolly old St. Nicholas has become a staple in Christmas celebrations, with his bag of full gifts and reindeer-pulled sleigh. Children in particular are always eager to welcome St. Nicholas and receive fine presents for being nice boys and girls throughout the year.

The orphans in a children’s village in Ukraine were ecstatic when St. Nicholas himself paid them a visit just before Christmas. The volunteers explained that he had come all the way from America, which made the children even more pleased and excited! 

"St. Nicholas never came to visit my little brother and me, whether we were at the orphanage or at home," Lilya, 6 years old, said. "But today, he brought gifts to us! I am very thankful. I named the toy dog I received Sharik. My brother got the toy cat." Lilya also promised that she and her brother will behave even better in the new year so that St. Nicholas will return with the volunteers next Christmas.

The older orphans were aware that it was actually one of the volunteers playing St. Nicholas—but they had shared in the merriment nonetheless. The volunteer team was likewise happy, having been able to make the children smile and spread some holiday cheer in the center.

"It is always pleasant to bring joy to others, but the feeling is heightened when that joy is for children," Evgeniy said. "I'm grateful to all our friends who helped give our children an opportunity to feel so many positive emotions—looking in the gift bag to see what’s in there, hugging a favorite toy, covering yourself with a warm soft scarf. May you all be blessed!"



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