Volunteers Welcome Spring by Planting Seeds of Hope and Love

The Bible is the source of truth, wisdom and comfort. Sharing God’s Word is a rewarding ministry that brings honor to His Name, and the arrival of spring means another new season to plant seeds of hope and love.

“For me, joining this project and serving children is my way of worshiping God,” volunteer Nadezhda said, reflecting on her most recent participation in fellowship activities in a Chisinau orphanage. “I believe that when we take care of those in need with love, when we teach them to find comfort and hope in the Gospel, all that brings joy not only to the children, but also God.”

Nadezhda and her co-volunteers were welcomed back warmly, and they took advantage of the lovely spring weather by playing with the children in the yard. They eventually moved the activities to the orphanage hall, where the fun continued with various games and contests, and a sing-along session. Afterwards, there was an enlightening discussion about making decisions based on God’s word and wisdom, as exemplified by a Bible story.

The children were encouraged, and grateful to receive gifts and treats from Allies sponsors and partners.

“When you know that someone needs you, that there is someone who loves and supports you, life looks different,” said Sveta, who, after spending two years in the center, moved to the city to study professional candy-making. “It helps you overcome difficulties.



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