Chamomile Flowers Inspire Children’s Creativity

The chamomile flower is known for its daisy-like appearance and calming properties, but for the orphans of the Perlynka Children’s Home in Ukraine, it served as creative inspiration during a recent fellowship with Allies volunteers.

From the city of Alexandria, the volunteer team made their way to the orphanage with crafting supplies, eager to conduct a lesson on needlework for their young friends. The sheets of colored paper greatly excited the children, and they dove into the activity with much passion and fervor. All of them wanted to make their hand-made "cheerful chamomile" as large as they could. The atmosphere in the room buzzed with happy, creative energy as they went about their task and communicated with one another.

At the end of the lesson, the volunteers had another treat in store – gift sets for every child!

"The children were delighted with needlework and creating postcards," 17-year-old volunteer Emma shared. Emma, an 11th grade student, has been volunteering for some years now, conducting lessons and staging various theater productions for the holidays. "This trip is very pleasant and memorable," she added.

The experience was equally pleasant for 5-year-old Sofie, who is known for her lively participation in every activity. "I love team games and painting pictures. I also love making crafts out of colored paper," she told the volunteer team.



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