Orphan Becomes an Honorary Allies Volunteer

Difficulties are a part of life. When we find ourselves in a challenging situation, we usually turn to family, friends and our community for help and comfort. But if it is peace and healing that we yearn for, there is one source that is above all else: God, through his only son Jesus Christ.

This was the Easter lesson that Allies volunteer shared with young children in an orphanage in Chisinau. After a series of fun games and contests at the outdoor gazebo, seasoned volunteer Nikolay gathered the children around and told them a Bible story about seeking Christ’s help in times of need, despair and turmoil. This sparked an interest among the young listeners. The children eagerly shared their own experiences with dealing with difficulty, and welcomed advice on how to act and find support. At the end of each visit, it is tradition for volunteers to distribute sweets and treats. This time around, the children received an additional gift – the New Testament.The volunteers encouraged them to read it each day, and noted how God’s Word will help them deal with tough situations.

“My parents are involved in this ministry, but I’m here out of the desires of my own heart,” Aiya, a co-volunteer, shared. “I want to support these children and become a good friend to them. I’m happy that we have established good friendships with some of them.”

The children are likewise grateful and happy to have made friends with the volunteers, so much so that one of the orphans even asked if he could join them!

“I really want to do what you are doing and to go see other children,” Dima shared with one of the volunteers. Dima must use a wheelchair to move around. In the end, it was decided that Dima would be the team’s helper each time they visit. His joy was truly boundless!

Children like Dima desire to not only be loved, but also to love and find a purpose for their lives. Having been previously abandoned and forgotten, Dima and others have not only lacked love, but also lacked purpose, which has led to behavior problems, depression, addictions to drugs and alcohol, or worse, getting trapped into the Human Trafficking ring. Dima and many other children can find hope through Allies and the mentorship and education initiatives, but these programs can only happen through our partners like you. Your investment can literally save lives!



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