Golden Hearts Celebrates First Anniversary with Allies 

Allies is proud to be a partner and friend of Golden Hearts, an organization that caters to the needs of single mothers in Krasnador. To help them celebrate their first anniversary earlier this year, Allies volunteers invited children being raised by single mothers to a professional laser show, and prepared games and contests for them to participate in.

About 25 children were in attendance, all of whom were also given the opportunity to take a few master classes, where they learned how to make paper flowers filled with chocolate candies and other crafts. There was no shortage of creativity that day, and the atmosphere was fun and warm all throughout. Cakes and treats made by Allies volunteers themselves were given to the children, making the day even more sweet and special. Everyone was in such high spirits that nobody wanted to leave!

The best part of the celebration was the trip to the circus! A number of free tickets were gifted to Golden Hearts for the children, so the party continued at the circus.

Golden Hearts is comprised of women with a sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of single mothers and their children. They work tirelessly to give both financial and emotional support to these unique but loving families. Allies works closely with the organization to provide basic necessities and school supplies, and we are always open to receiving assistance from more generous hearts. Your involvement can save lives and make the world a much better place for single mothers and their families.



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