Praise Song Uplifts Sick Boy’s Spirit

A trip to the orphanage may not always feel extraordinary or special, but for children who are on the receiving end, it can make a lasting – and healing – difference.

Roma, a 10-year-old boy at a children’s center in Moldova, had been on bed rest when Allies volunteers made their way to the orphanage again for recent meeting. When the team learned of this, they made sure that Roma would still feel included in the day’s activities, singing loudly so that he could hear from his room. The teacher by Roma’s bedside told the volunteers that he sang along to “Everything comes from Him, by Him, to Him” (his favorite song), even waving his hands in the air, despite being unable to properly sit up on the bed.

It was a moment that touched everyone’s hearts, and made for a more joyous and meaningful encounter. The children were also given time to share what they had done during their Easter break, after which Maxim, a long-time volunteer, recounted the story of Christ’s death and resurrection, ending with a reminder that the hope we possess today is a result of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Prayers were said and treats distributed, to the clear delight of the children.

“We are so thankful to Allies. You have become family to us,” a teacher told the volunteers. “The children here love you, always talk about you. They wait for you. Thank you for your friendship and support!”

Volunteering is a fulfilling commitment, and gives youth members like Evgeniy a way to spend her free time on something truly life-changing – and life-saving.

“Every time I have an opportunity to visit the children in the orphanage, I embark upon it with great pleasure,” she said. “It is such a special time for me when I am with them. We play together, and give them encouragement and support they desperately need. I am thankful to have this opportunity.”

We are happy to encourage and support our youth volunteers as they answer God’s call to model Christ’s love to the underserved and less fortunate. Your prayers and generosity enable us to create sustainable programs for orphaned children in Russia, so that they may be empowered to lead decent, Christian lives outside the orphanage and have a hope for the future. Help us secure their future by getting involved today!