Business Owner and Former Orphan Taking Care of “God’s Business”

Allies is committed to preparing children and teens for life outside the orphanage, not only to help them get on a safe and productive path, but also to inspire them to carry on the same ministry of empowering and saving young lives in Eastern Europe.

Maxim, one of our regular volunteers in Chisinau and former orphan, recently started his own small business – a store that sells leather goods that he makes himself! Despite the demands that come with being a new entrepreneur, he continues to make time for his volunteer work. Every time he and his co-volunteers need to visit the orphanage, he sets aside his tasks and closes his shop so he can spend time with the children and serve them.

“It is so wonderful and joyful to see how God’s word is changing people and moving them to make sacrifices in their ministry to others,” his fellow volunteer said.

Maxim’s familiarity with life in the orphanage lets him connect with the children with ease. He engages them through games and song, and he is able to hold their attention when he speaks about the Word of God. At a recent trip – which happened on the first day of snow – he and his volunteer team distributed special bracelets and basic necessities, which brought immediate joy to the children.

Every child’s success is a blessing from God, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be His instrument in this important ministry. We invite you to join our mission and become our partners today.