It's Important We Continue Serving –

Now More Than Ever.


While communities around the world shelter in place and follow the strict guidelines set out by our governors and local authorities, we remain dedicated to our important mission – to provide donors, advocates, and volunteers the organization they need to rescue orphans from a future of despair by providing them with human connection, life skills, and a pathway to education.

We continue to show up. We continue to respond with love and courage – and the children are noticing.


Our international and domestic team members, as well as our local volunteers, are utilizing the available resources and solutions to continue helping orphans who need us now more than ever. Here are some ways Allies continues to serve these children:

1. Material Donations - we continue to accept your material donations at our warehouse. We have someone in our office daily. If you need to drop off your items after hours, no problem. Just contact us first, then leave your items at the door and someone will come to put them inside. We're also collecting new and used laptops for kids in the orphanage to continue their mentoring in the virual space.

2. Education - The Allies Tutoring program is still active and going strong, both online and where the teachers are still allowed to come to the orphanage to teach.

3. Anti-human trafficking - Every child we train, mentor, or point to education has the opportunity for a life of promise once leaving the orphanage. They are each made aware of the harms that await them and given a clear path to a brighter future.

4. Online meetings are in place for leaders and volunteers at this time. The leaders are also using any free time to plan for and enhance the Allies Mentoring Program and collect useful resources to share.

5. Daily prayers for our supporters and partners - if you have any special prayer needs, we would love to hear them and pray for you.

Ways You Can Respond and Help:

1. Continue to bring your material donations to our warehouse.This is a perfect time to do some spring cleaning and box up some items we could give to the orphanages.

2. Consider making an additional financial gift.This is a challenging time for everyone, but by God’s grace and mercy, we will continue to serve the least of these and let his light shine in the darkness. Like many nonprofits, giving is down. This is a time to be bold and place our full trust in the Lord. Will you be courageous with us and make a financial donation today?

For those of you who continue to faithfully partner with us, we’re so thankful for your support.

May God bless you all with health and safety, and use you in courageous ways to bless those in need.