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Ways to Volunteer:

  • If you’re in the DFW area, help us stuff a box or two of donated goods to send to Eastern Europe.
  • Host a donation collection at your school or church. Ask your friends and family to donate specific items, such as socks, coloring books or underwear, to give to the kids.
  • Host a fun event to raise awareness and funds for the Eastern European orphans.
  • Make jewelry! This is a fun and interactive way for you or your kids to get involved. All jewelry that’s made will be sent to the orphans in Eastern Europe.
  • Make crafts and sell them, then donate all or some of the profits to the orphans in Eastern Europe. Several of our friends have done this and they have had great success!

How You Can Help


Financial support goes a long way towards providing hope and help for the orphans. Donations give them birthday parties and presents, allow volunteers to visit and encourage the children, and help meet other needs.

Donate Now


 Volunteer your time. 

We regularly have “packing parties” to prepare boxes of donations to send to Eastern Europe. We need volunteers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to join us for these packing parties. 

If you’re not local or looking for other ways to volunteer, we’ve created a helpful list of ways to get you or your kids involved here! Please email to get a copy.

We have a college preparatory tutoring program, too! If you’re a college student interested in getting more involved and taking the mission of orphan care to your college campus, contact us!

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We bring thousands of necessities and material goods to the children each year. See What We Need

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