Live by Example, Love by Example

As Christians, we are called to share God’s word with others—and, more importantly, let our actions exemplify His love. The Vertical Camp fulfilled this purpose, allowing children from a school orphanage in Adygea to experience our All Mighty God’s love through engaging activities, while helping them understand the significance of His only son Jesus’ life, which was led by love and obedience to God’s will.

“I have been working in the university for 30 years, and am in my second year in the ministry. I can say that the Vertical camp is very different from other secular, worldly camps. There’s a cozy atmosphere. It feels like home,” Allies volunteer Dina, who led the girl’s group, shared. “It helps children experience being part of a family, and to be surrounded by love and attention.”

The camp was held amidst the fresh air of the mountains, and a comprehensive program awaited camp participants. Each day, there was something different to do, and each activity was designed to impart important biblical lessons to the children. Thematic games let the children meet the important figures they learned about during Bible study, as well as gave them a chance to practice making the right decisions and bearing witness. The evenings were filled with plays and skits through which the children could showcase their talents, as well as performances from the volunteers that featured Jesus’ suffering and its significance to our lives today.

Throughout the camp, the children could earn stickers by memorizing Psalms and exhibiting good behavior. At the last meeting, they were able to exchange the stickers for special gifts.

The intensive fellowship made it easy for the children to form strong bonds of friendship with one another and with the volunteers. There was also an apparent transformation in some of the children, especially in 11-year old Vika.

“It was difficult in the beginning. Vika would ignore the requirements and the rules and would leave without letting us know,” Dina recounted. “But after spending time in prayer and talking to her, we came to a mutual understanding. Love and patience—I think it was a good example for her. I will continue to pray for her and and her life."

Vika, in turn, said she was grateful to have been part of the Vertical camp, as it is where she has felt the most love and care. Meanwhile, a young girl by the name of Alice, who belongs a family of Ukrainian refugees, was also able to join the camp, thanks to Allies. “She is only 7, and three months ago, she lost her mother,” a volunteer said. “Since then, her father has developed a drinking habit and so life has been hard for her. So far, she is not yet in the shelter, but we are concerned for her. We ask for your prayers and continued support, and may God continue to bless the hearts of all who are working hard with Allies to serve these young orphans.”


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