Our Team

Most of you know Chris. He started AiYD in 2011, and continues to give vision and direction for its future. Something you may not know about Chris is he lived the summer of 1980 in the Grand Canyon (he was in a band!) and has hiked the Grand Canyon 5 TIMES!

Dr. Tatiana Baeva is the Director of International Operations and a Change Maker with Allies! Dr. Baeva is a Eastern European native and teaches Russian language and literature at the University of Texas in Arlington. She is our liaison between the US and Eastern Europe and continues to expand our connections in Eastern Europe and beyond.


Carla is our Trip Coordinator and a Change Maker at Allies! She was born and raised in Japan to missionary parents and has worked at American Airlines for 25 years as a travel expert. Carla is studying Russian and hopes to work with our volunteers even more closely. Carla has a heart for helping people, and takes the opportunity to do so whenever she can through her church and work.

Nadezha lives in Chisinau, Moldova and works with the university student leaders, as well as the children in orphanages. She has worked with orphanages for the past 9 years and her desire is to support them and show them that they are loved, first and foremost, by God, but also by many other people who want to help them.


Nick Williams assists in the execution of marketing initiatives and provides website development and web-related services. Nick graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts and dual major in Advertising and Graphic Design, after an initial interest in Computer Science. Nick and his wife, Rebecca, have been on short-term mission trips to Honduras, Philippines, Germany, Hungary and others. Nick and Rebecca also served as house parents for a children's home in Keller. Nick lives in the Fort Worth area with his wife, three sons, and two mixed lab dogs.

Born and raised in Krasnodar, Russia, Galya grew up believing in God, but did not know how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It wasn’t until the fall of the Soviet regime that her family was able to practice their Christian faith openly, and Galya finally found ways to have more meaningful encounters with the Lord. Since then, she has dedicated her life to serving the youth in Christ’s name—from teaching in Sunday school and co-organizing a Christian girls club, to spending eight years working alongside a local orphanage, which she considered her “second home.” Galya worked with Entrust until 2008, as part of the Women’s Leadership Training Team, translating and teaching at regional and local training centers across Russia. Now Galya's focus is on her family and Allies. Her desire is to help people know who God really is, discover His heart, and study His word.


Zhenya (Douglas) Waybourn was born in Russia in 1991 and grew up in an orphanage until he was 14. He was then adopted by a family in Arlington, Texas along with his two brothers. After completing college, he worked for Alcon, an eye care pharmaceutical company, for 8 years.

Douglas’ passion is photography and serving the orphans. In 2014 Douglas met Micheal Henshaw, a frequent traveler with Allies, who shared about Allies’ mission and his love for orphans. Intrigued, Douglas was eager to get involved. Taking his first trip to Russia in 2015 with the group, he saw still how big the needs of orphans are there.

After taking six trips with Allies, Douglas decided to move there and now resides at Orion orphan village in Russia, two hour drive south of Moscow. He serves the community there by teaching English at their school and helping the children.

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