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Children Receive Music Lessons, Make Debut Performance

Music can influence mood and uplift the spirit. Orphans in Chisinau would unequivocally agree, having recently experienced the power of music with the help of Allies volunteers.

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Children Bond Through Friendly Conversation and Cake

An exercise in kindness and positive social interaction was the highlighted activity during an Allies volunteer team’s Easter visit to an orphanage in Omsk. There was a handful of children and young teens –30 in all – and the volunteers, some of whom had joined previous trips, did their best to engage them in the most meaningful way.

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Easter Prep Teaches Valuable Lesson

Easter holds great significance, as it is the time we remember and reflect upon the great sacrifices that God and his only son Jesus Christ made so that we may be saved from the bondage of sin. It is also a time to renew our spirit of belief and gratitude, and share in joyous celebration with our family, friends and community.

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Chamomile Flowers Inspire Children’s Creativity

The chamomile flower is known for its daisy-like appearance and calming properties, but for the orphans of the Perlynka Children’s Home in Ukraine, it served as creative inspiration during a recent fellowship with Allies volunteers.

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God is Greater than Any Obstacle

God will carry us through every storm. Whether it be in the literal or figurative sense, the Lord faithfully fulfills this promise to His people in His perfect time. Allies volunteers in Chisinau can bear witness to this truth.

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Volunteers Welcome Spring by Planting Seeds of Hope and Love

The Bible is the source of truth, wisdom and comfort. Sharing God’s Word is a rewarding ministry that brings honor to His Name, and the arrival of spring means another new season to plant seeds of hope and love.

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In God We Should Always Trust

God never fails us. When we trust Him and His promises, we are sure to be delivered from earthly challenges and obstacles, and continuously live in hope.

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Know Jesus, Know Love

To know Jesus is to know love. By continuing to model Christ’s love during each visit, Allies volunteers hope to fulfill their calling by creating a lasting positive impact on the lives of young orphans.

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Valentine’s Day Becomes a Day of Friendship for Orphans

Valentine’s Day is filled with celebrations of love. In the case of orphans in Ochag and Adygea, the holiday easily became all about celebrating friendship, as Allies volunteers found a fun and creative way to work together to bless orphans there.

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Volunteers and Teachers Undergo Specialized Training

Helping children who have experienced trauma is a challenging ministry and requires sufficient preparation on the part of social workers and volunteers. Allies recognizes and addresses this need through training seminars done in coordination with local partners.

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