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Golden Hearts Celebrates First Anniversary with Allies 

Allies is proud to be a partner and friend of Golden Hearts, an organization that caters to the needs of single mothers in Krasnador. To help them celebrate their first anniversary earlier this year, Allies volunteers invited children being raised by single mothers to a professional laser show, and prepared games and contests for them to participate in.

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Allies’ Light Shining – Even to Teachers and Administrators of Children’s Centers

Only God has the power to change and transform our hearts. Every encounter with Him – big or small – can move us to do things that touch other people’s lives in ways that sometimes go beyond our imagination. Something as simple as visiting orphans at a children’s center can produce extraordinary results.

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Learning from Peers Enriches Perspective on Ministry Work

When we open our hearts and minds to others, we stand to learn a lot. Allies volunteers recently connected with a volunteer group based in the city of Yaroslavl, who had much to share about what they have gone through as social service workers.

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Join Us on a Mission Trip to Russia!

Have you planned your 2018-2019 vacation and traveling time? Come with us on a mission trip to Russia! We always fly through Moscow and use one of the most renowned and beautiful subways in the world!

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Self-Assessment Training Aims to Prepare Graduate Orphans for Life Outside

Stepping out into the “real world” can be a daunting experience for any teen or young adult. For those who graduate from orphanages, it can be especially overwhelming. Their childhood years, usually marred by parental neglect and poor living conditions, have not afforded them the opportunity to develop the appropriate skills to meet the challenges of adulthood.

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Story of a Hero: Janusz Korczak

Like our volunteers today, many men and women from past generations have fought for the plight of orphans. One such man was Janusz Korczak, a Jewish man who saved the children he served during Nazi persecution in WWII.

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Easter: An Experience of Hope and Renewal

There are many holidays that we celebrate as followers of Jesus. Christmas is highly anticipated, with families coming together in jubilant reunion, children restless with excitement as their hands tear open gifts and treats. At the center of it all, the birth of our Savior. But just as our faith draws strength from the miracle of Christ’s birth, so do we find hope and renewal in His ultimate sacrifice and resurrection. This, beyond any Easter egg hunt or secular tradition, is what Allies wants orphans to see and experience.

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Russian Orphans and Volunteers Celebrate Victory Day

Today people in Russia are celebrating Victory Day – similar to Memorial Day in the U.S. Allies volunteers in many areas will be talking to the children about love for your country and honoring the memory of the millions of people who served and died in WWII for the peaceful future of their children and grandchildren.

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Act With Us Today: Bryansk Scandal Reveals Widespread Abuse, Neglect and Prostitution

Adults have a responsibility to protect any child that is placed under their care, but what happens when they turn out to be perpetrators themselves? Recently, reports of inappropriate sexual relations between students and teachers surfaced, quickly erupting into a regional scandal and prompting local officials to launch a widespread investigation in all academic institutions.

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Orphan Becomes an Honorary Allies Volunteer

Difficulties are a part of life. When we find ourselves in a challenging situation, we usually turn to family, friends and our community for help and comfort. But if it is peace and healing that we yearn for, there is one source that is above all else: God, through his only son Jesus Christ.

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