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Learning About the Bible

It was a cold day, but the children were so excited for the Allies volunteers to come. Two boys were waiting outside–without coats. “When we asked them why they are outside without the coats, they said they were waiting for us,” a volunteer reported.

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Popular Children’s Book is Enough to Make Orphans Happy

Recently Allies volunteers played an intellectual game called Brain Battle to engage the children at the orphanage. Naturally the kids weren’t initially interested in a game that required thinking and they weren’t participating right away. But all games have their draw-soon the kids began working together and discussing the open-ended questions about history, mass media, science, music, arts and really got into it.

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Monthly Birthday Celebrations Builds Children’s Self-Esteem, Independence, and Brings Affirmation

What is one of the most memorable days for a child? Birthdays, without fail, stir up excitement in any child. Ask a child how he or she would like to celebrate a birthday and the child will quickly think of what can be done to celebrate, who will be invited, and what food he or she would like to eat.

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Allies Team Members Return, Share News from Overseas

A handful of Allies team members recently returned from trips to Moldova and Vietnam with stories of progress, hope and love. Carla Fink, long-time Allies supporter and U.S. volunteer, visited a few Moldova orphanages and spoke in two classes at a theater magnet school in Chisinau, where they engaged 7th and 10th graders.

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Business Owner and Former Orphan Taking Care of “God’s Business”

Allies is committed to preparing children and teens for life outside the orphanage, not only to help them get on a safe and productive path, but also to inspire them to carry on the same ministry of empowering and saving young lives in Eastern Europe.

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Motivation is Key to Orphans’ Academic Success

Studying isn’t the most exciting activity for a lot of children. Even the young orphans that we help care for aren’t spared from the usual school doldrums. However, when academic proficiency is not only necessary, but life-saving – which is the case for orphaned youth in Eastern Europe -- it must be undertaken with even more diligence and responsibility.

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Opportunities – Big or Small – Bring Hope to Orphans 

There’s nothing quite like a child’s curiosity to awaken the awe in adults. A simple walk outside turned into a festive excursion for orphans of a Bryansk orphanage – and Allies volunteers were right there with them, marveling at their God-given innocent wonder.

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Children Learn the Value of Generosity and Gratitude

It feels good to receive from others, but true joy comes from giving – blessing another. Some children may find it difficult to comprehend this reality, as it is natural for them to seek nurturing and care. The need to receive and be provided for is even greater among orphans, who, through no fault of their own, come to experience deprivation and loneliness very early in their lives.

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Tutoring Program Attracts Omsk Orphans

For many children in Eastern Europe, education is the key to a better future, but for orphans in Eastern Europe, we are learning that it is literally the key to saving their lives. Without it, children can go down the wrong path, or even fall prey to human traffickers. A good education is essential to their survival.

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Special Program Targets Communication Skills in Orphans

An unstable home deprives children of opportunities to develop skills at a normal pace. Through special programs, Allies strives to fill specific gaps so that no orphan will be left behind.

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