Empowering Life Change

Our Mission

Allies in Youth Development provides donors, advocates, and volunteers the organization they need to rescue orphans from a future of despair by providing them with human connection, life skills, and a pathway to education.

Our 2024 Vision

Empower 2,000 in-country volunteers in 60+ countries to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children through mentoring, sharing the love of Christ, and providing educational and humanitarian support.



Our Vision Strategy


To supplement orphans' basic needs, our American partners collect items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, underwear, feminine products, toys, and school supplies. In-country volunteers distribute these items to children in the orphanages and transitional homes. This empowers volunteers to build relationships. 

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Because of the trauma of being abandoned or losing both parents, many orphans put up emotional walls that cause reckless behavior or lack of trust in adults. In-country volunteers create environments that help to breach these walls and empower these students through the process of volunteering to be a big brother or big sister to needy orphans, giving them a cause to be passionate about and a way to facilitate life change. 


Education and Life Skills

Nearly half of orphans who age out of orphanages and do not go to a university will end up homeless, become involved in crime and drugs, and get lost in the corruption of human trafficking. The average life expectancy for these children is 30. Allies aims to set up orphans for a successful future by teaching them to set goals, assisting with their education and supplementing it with online tutoring, preparing them for the university entrance exam. Mentors also provide networking opportunities for orphans to gain employment and equip them with knowledge and skills to avoid human trafficking. 



Orphans have little hope, issues with trust, and receive little guidance in life decisions. Allies desires for them to understand that making wise life choices that lead to success result from discipline, hard work, and unswerving belief. Our desired goal, which encourages a relationship with God through the local church, enables them to find hope, contentment, and purpose.