Inside Allies: Exploring New Possibilities

The growth of a nonprofit doesn’t happen spontaneously. It takes a plan, executing, nurturing, and evaluating that plan, hard work, and involving others along the way as a team.You, the donor, are first and foremost on our team.

Without you…the needs of orphans will never be met, young adults would not know how fulfilling life can become when they visit orphans, and people of all ages would never know the joy that comes from giving goods and shipping them to meet the needs of disadvantaged children.

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Inside Allies - record-breaking growth and success with Allies Tutoring Program

When you look into the lives of orphans you hope and pray that somehow, above all odds, they will be able to make it in the world. One positive step at a time, one right decision at a time, some orphans make their way to success.
You are there, every step of the way, making it possible!

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

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