Celebrating All the Lives You Changed in 10 Years

tatiana and chris

The word for Allies this year is celebration, and we are only able to celebrate because of your support. Currently, Allies is in 17 countries, over 119 orphanages, and helping almost 6,000 orphans! We’ve been very busy for 10 years and YOU made it all happen!

tatiana Dr.Tatiana Baeva | Director of International Operations

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Inside Allies: Orphaned Babies Crisis - Allies Steps In

Local Family Grew Suddenly, Lost Jobs Due to COVID

Your Gifts Made New Partnership Possible That Gave Relief

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

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Inside Allies - Programs Are Now in 15 Countries

Growth Only Possible Because of YOU

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

Volunteers Becky Philips and Jerry Whitt go through donated items in the Allies warehouse.

Growth is a funny thing to me. I guess it’s a matter of perspective and plain ol’ common sense. Put a seed in the ground and in all the right conditions -- voila -- you have a plant. The same could also be said for children given the right conditions. And you are the reason orphans are planted and thriving all around the world. You are the reason Allies programs went from being in nine countries in 2019 to 15 countries in 2021 -- and counting!

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How Your Partnership with Allies is Transforming Lives

One of Many: A Story of One Orphan and How You’re Making a Difference


Although 2020 has been a uniquely difficult year for all of us, can you imagine what it’s like for an orphan who has to endure isolation, hopelessness, and trauma every day of every year? I want to tell you about Zhenya whose experience is pretty typical for an orphan. Please sit back and reflect on his story as he represents so many more dear children and what YOU have done to change the future for so many little ones.

Zhenya’s life may have started with tragedy, BUT GOD had other plans. When God weaves a story together, amazing things happen...miraculous things. Zhenya was born in a Russian hospital and left there by his mother due to alcoholism, desperation, and poverty. He never knew his birth date and didn’t even know the meaning of the word “mother”.

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Allies Sees Growth Amidst Pandemic

Twenty-five children were sent elsewhere, but three were left behind locked inside the hauntingly silent orphanage with little connection to the outside world.

All the activities were canceled and Gabriela, Dima, and Roma were stuck inside mostly playing board games, drawing, reading, or watching the same old videos. No television, no radio, and no visitors. The only explanation from the depleted staff was that a sickness was spreading around the world very fast. One minute everything was normal and the next it was silent, lonely, and hopeless. How long would this last? Would things ever go back to normal?

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Inside Allies: Exploring New Possibilities

The growth of a nonprofit doesn’t happen spontaneously. It takes a plan, executing, nurturing, and evaluating that plan, hard work, and involving others along the way as a team.You, the donor, are first and foremost on our team.

Without you…the needs of orphans will never be met, young adults would not know how fulfilling life can become when they visit orphans, and people of all ages would never know the joy that comes from giving goods and shipping them to meet the needs of disadvantaged children.

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Inside Allies - record-breaking growth and success with Allies Tutoring Program

When you look into the lives of orphans you hope and pray that somehow, above all odds, they will be able to make it in the world. One positive step at a time, one right decision at a time, some orphans make their way to success.
You are there, every step of the way, making it possible!

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

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