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 COVID-19 UPDATE: All Trips Tentative

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, trips info is tentative and subject to change. We'll continue updating this page as more unfolds.

Join A Trip: 2021

Trip Information


Peru, October 18

We had made plans for Peru, October 18, 2021. We are coordinating with local teams there, and hope to know more soon.

Russia, October

At present, Russia is still not issuing visas for US citizens, and even those who have a current visa are not permitted to enter Russia. Once Russia begins allowing US citizens to enter the country and freely move about, we will plan to pull a trip together.

If possible, we would like to travel to Moscow, Krasnodar, and Maykop – our regular October itinerary – plus any new areas that are willing to invite us.



January 3-14


February or March

Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, possibly Moscow too)

Late spring

Russia (Moscow, Orion, St. Petersburg)


Russia (Moscow, Omsk)


Summer Camp (Ukraine, Belarus)

Early summer

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (Internal scouting trip only)


Africa (Tanzania, Nigeria, and possibly Egypt)


Several vaccinations may be required due to tropical location

Egypt may need to be a separate trip

Russia south (Moscow, Krasnodar, Maykop, other new areas)


Russia south (Moscow, Krasnodar, Maykop, other new areas)


Peru (Lima, Cusco)


Will include an excursion to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

UTA / AiYD Internship

Earn 3 credit hours from University of Texas at Arlington and travel to Moldova or Russia with Allies in Youth Development. This internship will involve culture, language, and modeling volunteerism as well as a written report on a selected topic pertaining to the trip portion of the class.

If you are not a UTA student, check to see if this course will transfer to your university. Register and pay $1050.00 UTA tuition and fees through Admissions / Registrars office.

The trip fees are paid to Allies in Youth Development. Financial aid is available for the combined cost.

What is included in the trip fee:

  • 3 Year Visa for the Russian Federation trips
  • Round Trip Airfare from DFW or IAH
  • In-country Airline Tickets
  • Overnight Train Tickets
  • Major Transport and Transfers
  • Hotel & Dorm Housing
  • Guided Excursions to Major Attractions
  • AiYD Programing Expenses
  • Medical / Trip Insurance
  • Translators
  • Most Meals

What is not included in the trip fee:

  • Spending / Souvenir Money
  • UTA Tuition and Fees for Internship


I'm back from serving orphans. Now what?


You can still hear their ringing giggles and their warm arms around your neck. Those children in Voronezh and Talavaya have little hope for a future right now. They need cheerleaders and a support system. And, although you blessed them with a visit, you just don’t know if you'll be able to go back anytime soon.

Have no fear. Even if you are many miles and several countries away, you can still provide opportunities for Eastern European children to escape the clutches of abandonment right here at home. And, we promise to be with you every step of the way. Here's how:

1. Choose a cause.

birthday parties

soccer balls and toys

summer camp


2. Choose an event type/advocacy.

start a AiYD chapter on your campus

host an all-night dance-athon

host an art show


give up coffee for a month

choose your own!


3. Sign up.

Sign up for how you want to help and we will be with you every step of the way to make it happen!


Event Type/Advocacy:


Sign up