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Thankful for Vehicles

Because of you, Allies was able to purchase two vehicles for our leaders to continue providing much needed supplies and goods to people in Ukraine.

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Lena's Coat

We all have the right to make our own choice, even if it is not what we should do. This is the topic of our meeting, “Healthy Lifestyle. Healthy Choice.” We talked about how Sidra and Meshach refused food so they could stay awake for their journey; Abednego also went without food because of religious reasons- he was an Israelite preparing himself before God's service began in earnest at nightfall while his two companions were fasting during daylight hours. They didn’t want to be defiled. This story shows you that there are plenty more things out there than just nutritionists telling us which foods will help maintain good health.

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We thought everyone forgot about us!

"We are so happy to see you, we thought everyone forgot about us!" With many crying, this was the response of Ukrainians over the weekend when Allies area leader in Krivoy Rog, Sergei, and his team delivered food and supplies to 80 families in 4 different villages.

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You Helped More Than 30,000 Ukrainians Through Allies Network

We receive reports daily of how your donations are directly saving lives through evacuationsand how you’re providing food, medicine, and other supplies for those still in Ukraine and for refugees in neighboring countries. Your support evacuated more than 1,300 Ukrainians from hot spots of the war, and through a partnership with a U.S. shipping company, Allies used your donations to send humanitarian aid by air to immediately help 1,660 people in Ukraine. Currently, Allies has been able to assist more than 19,000 refugees.

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Good News From The Other Side of the World

Our partners on the other side of the world - Tanzania – recently reported some good news. The long-awaited construction of a new church building has been completed and electricity is installed and working!

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Ukraine Update March 16: 4,885 kilometers

3/16/22 - A report from our people in Kremenchug: Hello and thank you for continuing to pray and support our ministry. Right now I and several other brothers are helping to evacuate people from the hot spots in Kremenchug. We have transported up to 50 people this way over the past few days.

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Ukraine Update March 18: No Milk

Our ministry and preaching of the gospel continues actively today. More and more people are asking for help for their relatives or loved ones who are in dangerous areas.

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Ukraine Update March 13: I am not just scared, I cry

3/13/22 - From our leader in Nikolaev: Since February 24th, Nikolaev has been a really "hot time". They started shooting so early. Shelling began before 5 a.m. The gas burst. The situation is very difficult. Lots of people have no gas. They cannot cook any food. Those families we visited have no electricity and no heating as a result. Those families have a gas cylinder to cook. They live in summer cottages (rural small houses) because they cannot afford to buy a house or apartment in the city.

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This is our country: our home

"This is our country, our home. And even if it's destroyed now, even if we have to rebuild it, but it's our home. Our grandparents also rebuilt the country after the war and we, with God's help, will do it."

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Ukraine Update March 7: Chips and Popcorn

3/7/22 - Good evening, today I’m sleeping in the Kherson region, 100 km from us there are hostilities, but my wife’s parents live here, in the village, and decided to stay here where they were today.

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