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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Krasnodar – Sonya is 6 years old and is a very sweet girl. She did not dream to receive any special gifts for Christmas so it was an unexpected surprise when she was told Santa was in town and coming to visit her! You can only imagine how much joy and happiness she experienced when she saw the Anna doll she had been wanting, plus other gifts!

Her mom is working and Sonya goes to the kindergarten. She stays there all day long and her mom works on weekends too, so now Sonya has someone to play with and spend time with. Thank you so much for your love and care for single moms! They are not single any more! Thank you for making their lives and the lives of their children colorful and rich!

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Inside Allies - Programs Are Now in 15 Countries

Growth Only Possible Because of YOU

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

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How Your Partnership with Allies is Transforming Lives

One of Many: A Story of One Orphan and How You’re Making a Difference


Although 2020 has been a uniquely difficult year for all of us, can you imagine what it’s like for an orphan who has to endure isolation, hopelessness, and trauma every day of every year? I want to tell you about Zhenya whose experience is pretty typical for an orphan. Please sit back and reflect on his story as he represents so many more dear children and what YOU have done to change the future for so many little ones.

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Allies Sees Growth Amidst Pandemic

Twenty-five children were sent elsewhere, but three were left behind locked inside the hauntingly silent orphanage with little connection to the outside world.

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Save Orphans From Human Trafficking on Giving Tuesday

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Allies Welcomes New Leaders in Ukraine

Allies is excited about our new partnership in Olshanka, Ukraine with the Panchuk family! Igor and Marina, originally from Bulgaria, moved to Olshanka in 2017 as missionaries to start a church and to serve the many Bulgarians who live there. The needs are great in that area with many broken families due to alcoholism and other issues. There are many large families with five to seven children who have no father and receive little attention and not enough care because their mothers are busy earning a living. There are also orphans whose mothers have died and they are living with grandparents or other relatives. The Panchuks minister to 40 children every week through Sunday school where they teach Bible lessons and family values. They also have weekly lessons for 30 children from dysfunctional families. “We will not stop there,” Igor said. “We will increase the number of children [we help] from disadvantaged families and orphans. This is our ministry to God.” Although they mainly serve children and have provided assistance to a local children’s shelter, they also help low-income families. We’re happy to come alongside the Panchuk family with our support as they create a team of others who will assist them in meeting as many needs as possible in their community!
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Allies Welcomes New Development Team Member

Allies in Youth Development is happy to announce the addition of Suzan Jenkins as a Donor Relation Specialist. Suzan brings 28 years of fundraising and development experience to Allies and we are extremely pleased to have her join our team. Suzan will be helping Allies' mission of engaging orphans through nurturing friendships, modeling biblical love, and providing education.

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Color Their World 2020

You’re invited to Allies in Youth Development’s virtual Color Their World – With a Touch of Hope event where you can learn about the AWESOME things happening for orphans and how you can get involved.

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I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to your friends, colleagues and friends at Allies in Youth Development, for their work, care and attention with which they have surrounded our children!! We even discussed with the caregivers what a wonderful cool tradition you came up with (birthday parties)! Thank you that for each child, even for the most little one you always prepare wonderful gifts and organize and celebrate memorable Birthdays!

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While the U.S. has been ramping up the economy again and struggling to fight more waves of COVID-19, many orphanages we serve are still locked down under local and regional COVID restrictions.

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