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Allies Celebrates 10 Years at Annual Banquet, Raises Record Support for Orphans

Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who came out Sunday evening to celebrate and support the work for orphaned children. So far you have given over $363,000 to support orphans, disadvantaged children, and single moms!

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Allies Celebrates 10 Years - Hosts Event At Office

WOW! Thank you so much to everyone who came out Friday and celebrated a decade of impact with us! We are so honored and delighted to have your support to empower orphans over the past 10 years, we can’t wait to see what the next ten will bring!

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Debunking the Sticks and Stones Myth

We've all heard the saying, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" when someone was saying something ugly. This phrase is meant to be a deflection of some hurtful words. I remember saying this as a child. While that phrase may have temporarily soothed the pain, later on the words really did feel like a big rock slamming against my heart.

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A thank you from Moldova

“But you were always with us…” This is the impression you, our supporters, and our team at Allies is making on those in need inside orphanages around the world. Recently our leaders in Moldova shared this story and we want to pass it along to you:

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Inside Allies: Orphaned Babies Crisis - Allies Steps In

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Making Dreams

Children who grow up in the orphanage often have difficulty visualizing what they want or need in life. Their ability to conceive and determine short-term and long-term desires or goals is often hampered. Recently our mentors visited an orphanage in Omsk and the session was focused on visualizing and mapping out kids' desires. The kids, together with mentors, created individual wish cards. They wrote, drew and pasted magazine clippings on large white sheets. The kids focused mostly on traveling and exotic animals. The girls were interested in beauty - they cut out pictures with clothes, cosmetics, jewelry. Mentors helped the children in every possible way. Everyone exchanged their plans and goals. The discussion of the cards was lively and vivid. After the creative work was done, a tea party took place, the guys were treated to delicious pies. Everyone was happy! The guys took their wish cards and thanked the mentors for spending time together! Ilya is a mentor who has visited orphanages several times already. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is always helpful in reducing any tensions between the kids. He is also a very sportive, a professional swimmer, and he organizes games with the kids. Daniil is normally a good and friendly boy in his early teens, always ready to get engaged in activities. He has a sister Veronica. During the visit, Daniil bit a mentor in the shoulder! This behavior is most likely due to the fact that Daniil simply did not know how to express his emotions and feelings. Often during these interactions, he would hug the mentors or take them by the hand, but since there are a lot of children and everyone wanted attention, the mentors could not always devote time to Daniil. Therefore, the boy decided to attract attention to himself and manifest feelings that he had been trying to reserve. However, later he apologized and changed his tone. Children like Daniil are the reason Allies serves in the orphanage. These children desperately seek attention and a caring gesture. Our hearts long to help children like Daniil understand they are seen, loved and important. We're so thankful to be part of this important mission.
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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Krasnodar – Sonya is 6 years old and is a very sweet girl. She did not dream to receive any special gifts for Christmas so it was an unexpected surprise when she was told Santa was in town and coming to visit her! You can only imagine how much joy and happiness she experienced when she saw the Anna doll she had been wanting, plus other gifts!

Her mom is working and Sonya goes to the kindergarten. She stays there all day long and her mom works on weekends too, so now Sonya has someone to play with and spend time with. Thank you so much for your love and care for single moms! They are not single any more! Thank you for making their lives and the lives of their children colorful and rich!

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Inside Allies - Programs Are Now in 15 Countries

Growth Only Possible Because of YOU

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

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How Your Partnership with Allies is Transforming Lives

One of Many: A Story of One Orphan and How You’re Making a Difference


Although 2020 has been a uniquely difficult year for all of us, can you imagine what it’s like for an orphan who has to endure isolation, hopelessness, and trauma every day of every year? I want to tell you about Zhenya whose experience is pretty typical for an orphan. Please sit back and reflect on his story as he represents so many more dear children and what YOU have done to change the future for so many little ones.

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Allies Sees Growth Amidst Pandemic

Twenty-five children were sent elsewhere, but three were left behind locked inside the hauntingly silent orphanage with little connection to the outside world.

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