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Dreaming and Achieving at the Orphanage

This month at the orphanage in Russia, we embarked on an inspiring yet complex journey with the children—exploring the landscape of dreams and goals. We recognize that while dreams are the seeds of motivation, they need the right environment to flourish. That's where our dedicated team, including experts like Ira, a compassionate psychologist, stepped in. Our goal was not to clip the wings of their imagination but to provide a roadmap for turning their aspirations into attainable goals.

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The Story of Obedience and Hope

Abayomi, a devoted volunteer, recently brought the ancient tale of Jonah to life for a group of eager children. Using a projector as his canvas, he illustrated the vital lessons of obedience to God and the beauty of His mercy. Jonah's story resonated with the children, teaching them the value of following divine guidance and the endless capacity for forgiveness that we can all tap into when we stray from our path.

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The Journey of Sarah, Sam, and Joy with Allies

In the heart of Sironko, a teacher named Sarah discovered a new dimension to her life's work through the Allies program. This innovative initiative wove together the wisdom of the Bible with the pillars of education and life skills, reshaping the way Sarah—and many others—approached teaching and personal growth. The transformative power of combining faith with learning ignited a newfound passion in Sarah and a desire to delve deeper into the scriptures, finding applications in every lesson and every challenge.

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Inspiring Letter from Regional Director of Africa

It’s 2,000 new children! Our leaders actively participate in the lives of children in different areas of their lives, give them the most important and valuable things – knowledge of life, eternity, and our Creator, about the Heavenly Father who loves them!

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Shedrack and Sarah Bring Hope and Love to Children in Need

In our latest blog post, we want to express our gratitude to two incredible individuals who made a profound impact on the lives of the children we serve. Shedrack, a dedicated spiritual teacher, poured his heart into leading worship sessions and spiritually nurturing the children. Not only did he teach them the Bible, but he also emphasized the importance of good manners and values in society. Shedrack's passion and dedication were evident in every interaction with the children. But Shedrack's contributions went beyond his role as a teacher. He actively participated in various programs, building strong connections with the children. He even found time to engage in sports and games, showcasing a well-rounded dedication to their overall well-being.

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Teenage Volunteers Bring Hope to Children Affected by War

At a recent gathering, all of our dedicated volunteers were present, eager to lend a helping hand to the numerous children in need. Recognizing the importance of their assistance, we also enlisted the support of our teenage volunteers, who had previously been mere listeners. These teenagers now actively contribute to our cause, facilitating the distribution of gifts, organizing engaging games, and even offering their own creative ideas for various activities. Their enthusiasm is so great that some of them are expressing a desire to join us on our visits to orphanages. It warms our hearts to see how willingly these teenagers serve the younger generation, setting an admirable example for others to follow.

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Celebrating Love and Hope: A Christmas to Remember

A Joyous Christmas Celebration for the Children of Pakistan

The spirit of Christmas was truly alive in our recent "Share A Love" program, which marked our fourth joyous gathering. We embraced the essence of the holiday, reflecting on the divine love granted to us. Amidst festive songs and the slicing of a celebratory cake, 40 radiant children from Pakistan, including 35 orphans, experienced the merriment of the season. Their smiles were a vivid reminder of the joy and hope that your support brings into their lives.

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Empathy, Growth, and Connection: Stories from Nakatindi Community

Every visit to the Nakatindi Community is like opening a book of heartwarming stories, with each page more moving than the last. As we walked through their gates, we were enveloped by an overwhelming sense of homecoming, thanks to the gleaming smiles and eager hugs of the children. Despite the adversities they've faced, their resilience is unmistakable and their zest for life unmatched.

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A Bright Spot in Peru - Director Spotlight

Lizbeth Quispe

Allies Regional Director of Latin America

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Nurturing Nature: Your Donations Cultivate Knowledge & Hope!

Understanding God's Creation & Our Role in It

Embracing the wisdom of the Bible, we dove deep into the significance of ecology in our most recent program. Drawing inspiration from scriptures like Genesis 2:15 and Genesis 1:11, the children were enlightened about humanity's vital role as stewards of Earth. They learned that ecology is more than just a scientific concept—it's an interconnected relationship between humans and nature, crucial for our survival and prosperity.

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