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The Power of Christmas in War

War can easily bring out the somberness of life and drearily shade one’s reality with a winter gray. For many it is draining and daily drips feelings of hopelessness. Our Allies leaders and volunteers work tirelessly to serve those in Ukraine, to bring hope and peace during a time of tension and distress.

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Flashback: Rescuing Ukrainian Orphans 1 Year Ago

Everything started on February 24th

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It’s the Little Things

Allies leaders and volunteers are very aware of the impact each visit has on the orphans. For many newcomers though, visiting orphanages as volunteers is simply a pastime or can even be perceived as a waste of time.

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Allies Q4 News

Your Impact Reaches More Orphans in New Countries

Heather Heather Dunnaville | Staff Writer

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Christmas in Peru?

For most of us, Christmas day is often surrounded by family, presents everywhere, and perhaps the warm smell of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. Sadly, this is often not the reality for the children at the orphanage. Especially for those in Peru.

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Camp 2022 Highlights

We love sending our orphans to camp! Here are some highlights of camp in 2022:

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New Years in Tanzania

My friends, we really appreciate your help, the children were very happy and the government officials were so excited and offered many thanks to God and the churches.

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We Were Missed!

No matter how many times we go visit the children or how long it takes us to go back, we always receive a heartwarming welcome from them. It never gets old how excited they get to see us and how their little faces light up at the sight of our cars.

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New Car Celebration

“It was a wonderful day to see some of orphans who came to rejoice with the whole church, as the church and family we prayed for many years to have a car for our ministry. Thank you Allies and everyone who supports. God is good.”

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Pizza and Prayers

We had another successful day visiting the children. Sadly, not all of us made it this time as one of our volunteers was hospitalized. The children, while excited to see us as usual, were quick to notice and ask about our missing team member. We promptly explained to them he was not feeling well and gave him a call so they could say a warm hello and wish him a speedy recovery.

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