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My Fulfilling Role in Developing the Moral and Spiritual Values of Less-Fortunate Children

Each of us has an innate need to feel attached to another person and sometimes it doesn't take long to feel connected with someone. If you are authentic and open, you can easily touch hearts simply by being around people. Every visit Allies volunteers make to an orphanage is a new experience, filled with emotions and sentiments.

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Message From Our Partners in Moldova: How we Support Each Other During The Outbreak.

Life under lockdown is really changing how people live. On the brighter side, isolation has allowed many of us time to reflect on our family, friends, neighbors and ourselves. It has tested many things and made many of our relationships stronger.

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Meet Artiom: Father, Marketing Professional, Volunteer

We were recently blessed to get an opportunity to visit an Orphanage in Omsk, one of the largest cities in Russia. As first-time volunteers, we were very enthusiastic about it even though we hadn’t considered the full impact and didn’t know what visiting an orphanage would be like.

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COVID-19: Opportunity to Help Orphans Through Spring Cleaning

Would you like to do some good for orphans while we all hunker down at home? Right now is a great opportunity to clean out those closets and donate any unneeded items to Allies to ship over to the children in the orphanages!

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New Volunteers Bond Well with the Children

A visit to an Orphanage is a life-changing experience as it is filled with emotion and sentiments. We were lucky to get an opportunity to recently visit an Orphanage with several volunteers from Universities in Russia and the United States.

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Inside Allies: Exploring New Possibilities

The growth of a nonprofit doesn’t happen spontaneously. It takes a plan, executing, nurturing, and evaluating that plan, hard work, and involving others along the way as a team.You, the donor, are first and foremost on our team.

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Sonya and Roma

For these special children, Sonya and Roma, Christmas came in February from the Angel Tree, because they were sick and we could not visit them. What a joy it was for Sonya to receive a doll she was dreaming about. She cried when she found it in her bag!

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Waiting For His Mom Suffering From Alcoholism

It had been awhile since we visited the orphanage in Muromtzevo. Because of the bad roads we were a little late and had to grab a really quick lunch so we could start with the activities immediately.

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An Excursion Trip for Isilkul Children Made Possible by the Omsk Rotary Club

The children woke up earlier than normal and there was an exciting atmosphere building up between them as they were packing their belongings for the move. Some children were filled with emotions as they were leaving, whilst others had tears in their eyes.

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Allies Trips 2020: See What Fun You’re Missing!

Childhood should be the happiest and the most carefree, curiosity-filled time in one’s life, and just because a child lost his or her parents doesn’t mean that he or she should be deprived of a normal childhood.

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