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New Car Celebration

“It was a wonderful day to see some of orphans who came to rejoice with the whole church, as the church and family we prayed for many years to have a car for our ministry. Thank you Allies and everyone who supports. God is good.”

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Pizza and Prayers

We had another successful day visiting the children. Sadly, not all of us made it this time as one of our volunteers was hospitalized. The children, while excited to see us as usual, were quick to notice and ask about our missing team member. We promptly explained to them he was not feeling well and gave him a call so they could say a warm hello and wish him a speedy recovery.

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Color Their World Successfully Raises Funds Needed for Orphans

It was an emotional and magical evening at both of the Allies Color Their World banquets Sunday, September 18 in Mansfield, Texas and Sunday, October 9 in North Richland Hills. The blocks and lego-filled tables and room decor brought many back to their own childhood as stories were shared about orphaned children being served and mentored in many new countries, and children and families saved from a war-torn Ukraine.

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Allies Launches Mentoring Programs in Germany, Georgia, and More in Ukraine

The second quarter of 2022 has been a busy one for Allies leaders and volunteers. Allies teams were excited to launch Allies Mentoring Programs (AMP) in Peru and Germany in April, and thenin Tbilisi, Georgia in May.

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One Man’s Impact on Many Russian Orphans

Svyatoslav is an Allies area leader in Rybinsk, Russia. He is one of those heroes who visited orphanages on his own before we met him. What started as driving five hours to visit one boy, turned into visiting many orphans once he saw they all needed a friend and mentor.

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Tanzania Packs New Worship Hall

Thank you to all our donors who helped make the new Worship Hall in Tanzania possible. The first gathering was a success as people from all over the region filled the new worship center.

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Thankful for Vehicles

Because of you, Allies was able to purchase two vehicles for our leaders to continue providing much needed supplies and goods to people in Ukraine.

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Lena's Coat

We all have the right to make our own choice, even if it is not what we should do. This is the topic of our meeting, “Healthy Lifestyle. Healthy Choice.” We talked about how Sidra and Meshach refused food so they could stay awake for their journey; Abednego also went without food because of religious reasons- he was an Israelite preparing himself before God's service began in earnest at nightfall while his two companions were fasting during daylight hours. They didn’t want to be defiled. This story shows you that there are plenty more things out there than just nutritionists telling us which foods will help maintain good health.

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We thought everyone forgot about us!

"We are so happy to see you, we thought everyone forgot about us!" With many crying, this was the response of Ukrainians over the weekend when Allies area leader in Krivoy Rog, Sergei, and his team delivered food and supplies to 80 families in 4 different villages.

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You Helped More Than 30,000 Ukrainians Through Allies Network

We receive reports daily of how your donations are directly saving lives through evacuationsand how you’re providing food, medicine, and other supplies for those still in Ukraine and for refugees in neighboring countries. Your support evacuated more than 1,300 Ukrainians from hot spots of the war, and through a partnership with a U.S. shipping company, Allies used your donations to send humanitarian aid by air to immediately help 1,660 people in Ukraine. Currently, Allies has been able to assist more than 19,000 refugees.

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