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Tutoring Program - Redefining the Odds

One of the major challenges every child faces, is receiving the proper motivation, encouragement, and support to complete high school and move on to a higher level of education. Kids are at an exceptional disadvantage, however, because their entrance into an institution of higher learning is completely contingent upon their score on an entrance exam – and they only get one try.

An Allies volunteer and university professor realized that most of the students in the orphanages were not capable of scoring high enough to qualify for college without help. In the summer of 2015, with the help of this professor, Allies created an innovative program utilizing an online learning platform. Through this program, high school students are tutored in critical subjects weekly by a handful of professors in a virtual classroom setting with the goal of helping them pass the entrance exam and enter college.

The pilot program was launched during the 2015-2016 school year. Four students were regularly tutored in such subjects as Biology, Geography, Math, Russian, History, Chemistry, and Physics. Three of the students were 11th graders, who passed the entrance exam and entered universities. 

The program has grown tremendously. In 2020, 155 students in our program passed the entrance exam and were accepted into college! As of today over 300 students have made it into college because of the tutoring program – proof that these children truly desire to succeed. The consistent academic support and encouragement is having a tremendous positive impact on the kids.

Allies Online Tutoring Program


One major contributing factor to the growth of the Tutoring Program is Mansfield resident Michael Henshaw. Mr. Henshaw went on a trip with Allies and returned totally shocked at how the orphans were living and the challenges they face. Mr. Henshaw was so impacted and felt so much love for these children, he started doing his own fundraising for the Tutoring Program by hosting his own bake sales. In 2019 he raised over $8,000 for the Tutoring Program, and in 2020 he raised over $14,000. Mr. Henshaw has returned to the orphanages year after year with Allies to visit and encourage the orphans. We are thankful for and encouraged by partners like him.

Allies is seeking to expand this program into more orphanages. If you would like to help, you may start by praying for Allies, the professors, and the students. And it is only because of ministry partners like you that we are able to help children improve their lives through unique interactions like this. Your financial partnership helps so many.

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