Average Life Expectancy

of orphans aging out of the orphanages in Eastern Europe.


15,000 teenagers as young as 16

have been released from orphanages with nothing but the clothes on their back and a small bag of personal items.


Job   |   Prospects   |   Education   |   Family   |   Support system


At least 51%

will become homeless, incarcerated, commit suicide or fall victim to human trafficking.



Allies in Youth Development
engages orphans through nurturing friendships,
modeling biblical love, and providing education –

Empowering: Life Change


What is Life Like for an Eastern European Orphan?

Get a glimpse of the daily challenges children face in the orphanage.



By training and engaging in-country university students
and partners, we cultivate a culture of involvement that
benefits orphans in and outside the orphanage.

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Orphans need education, training and opportunities. Proper skills development through our education
programs ensures their success and safety when it's
time for them to lead independent lives.

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Abandonment can lead any child down the wrong path. Restoring their motivation, self-worth and dignity empowers them to make better choices, improves educational abilities, and forms a foundation for success.

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Who Do We Serve

On Dreams, Hopes, and Seeing It Become Reality

Visiting children at the orphanage can be challenging sometimes because some children do not like to open up. A game of questions thankfully helped Allies volunteers break the ice and earn the children’s trust. What is your dream? And where do you want to go?”asked the Allies volunteer. They have discoveredthe children are not afraid to dream—in fact they have many dreams! “One girl named Masha is dreaming to go visit volunteers in their city. For us it seems to be very easy, we just get into the bus and go to visit,” says an Allies volunteer. But for the children at the orphanage, there are many every day things that might not be as easy to do. Thankfully, volunteer visitsat the orphanage always infusejoy and hope in the children. “They share with us what they would like to hear and know from us, and what things they would like to do,” the volunteer reported. “As we found out, they love to sing. When you sing, you forget about everything,” the volunteer said. So the volunteers continue to conduct activities and games that help the children grow intellectually and emotionally as well as lighting up the children’s hearts.“I am glad to help the children. They are happy and friendly. I like to spend time with them.” The volunteers also learned during this recent visit that the children wanted to know more about God and how to communicate with Him. “It brings usjoy to hear about that because they were not interested in that before.” Apart from teaching thechildren, it also helps the children open upwhen the volunteers themselves are vulnerable towards them. “We tell them about our life, our difficulties. We say that every person has hard times in his life and it is important to go through trials without losing hope.” An interesting thing happened recently—while atech-savvy volunteerwas helping to fix a computer at the orphanage, a girl named Juliyawas showing around a picture of her dad, who she had never met.ThisvolunteersawJuliya’s dadand recognized him. The volunteer took action, and just recently, Juliya met her father for the first time. He did not even know about her. Perhaps it was one of Juliya’s dreams to meet her dad, and thanks to Allies, she was able to do so.Nurturing dreams and building hope is important in children because it gives them purpose and goals. Thanks to Allies partners and volunteers, some of theseimportantchildren can see their dream—big or small—become reality today. read more  >

Learning About the Bible

It was a cold day, but the children were so excited for the Allies volunteers to come. Two boys were waiting outside–without coats. “When we asked them why they are outside without the coats, they said they were waiting for us,” a volunteer reported.


Popular Children’s Book is Enough to Make Orphans Happy

Recently Allies volunteers played an intellectual game called Brain Battle to engage the children at the orphanage. Naturally the kids weren’t initially interested in a game that required thinking and they weren’t participating right away. But all games have their draw-soon the kids began working together and discussing the open-ended questions about history, mass media, science, music, arts and really got into it.


Monthly Birthday Celebrations Builds Children’s Self-Esteem, Independence, and Brings Affirmation

What is one of the most memorable days for a child? Birthdays, without fail, stir up excitement in any child. Ask a child how he or she would like to celebrate a birthday and the child will quickly think of what can be done to celebrate, who will be invited, and what food he or she would like to eat.


3-Year Plan

The odds are stacked against Eastern European orphans, but Allies has a plan. Read how Allies is making a difference in the lives of thousands of orphans each year through human connection, education and life skills and how you can be a part of it.

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Through Education, Mentorship, Hope and Love

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