Saving Orphans Through the Allies Mentoring Program

Did you know the life expectancy of an orphan is less than age 30? They age out of orphanages sometimes as early as age 15 without life skills or guidance. This reality is why orphans are at high risk for homelessness, addiction, suicide, and human trafficking. The Allies Mentoring Program (AMP) is the foundation of Allies in Youth Development to prevent orphans from becoming another statistic.

How Does It Work?

We created a network of area leaders who work with volunteer coordinators to organize groups of in-country volunteers to visit orphanages. These regular visits are a way to build friendships, provide healing, and teach orphans life skills they need for a successful future. This necessary human connection shows orphans they are not alone and gives them emotional, educational, and spiritual support.

Learn how our mentoring program paved the way to provide immediate aid to Ukraine when the war began in February 2022.



Who Do We Serve?

  • 61

  • 290

  • 23,009

  • 436

  • 3,009

  • 1,891
*2023 year-end numbers

Celebrating Success Stories

We're so excited to share some stories of our orphans finding the path to success! We invite you to read about them.

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Allies in Youth Development
engages orphans through nurturing friendships,
modeling biblical love, and providing education –

Empowering: Life Change


What is Life Like for an Eastern European Orphan?

Get a glimpse of the daily challenges children face in the orphanage.



By training and engaging in-country volunteers, we cultivate a culture of involvement that
benefits orphans in and outside the orphanage.

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Orphans need education, training, and opportunities. Proper skills development through our education
programs ensures their success and safety when it's
time for them to lead independent lives.

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Abandonment can lead any child down the wrong path. Restoring their motivation, self-worth, and dignity empowers them to make better choices, improves educational abilities, and forms a foundation for success.

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3-Year Plan

The odds are stacked against orphans, but Allies has a plan. Read how Allies is making a difference in the lives of thousands of orphans each year through human connection, education, and life skills and how you can be a part of it.

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Bringing Joy and Hope to Alexandria's Orphanage

In the vibrant city of Alexandria, Egypt, the lives of children at a local orphanage were brightened by a visit from Sergey, a dedicated Allies volunteer. This time, Sergey came with treats, fellow volunteers, and his camera to capture the joyous moments shared with the children. Despite his long-held dream of adopting a child, Sergey had always feared he wouldn't be able to love them as his own. However, his genuine affection for the children he met dispelled these doubts, proving his capacity for love and kindness.


Transforming Lives in Nairobi, Kenya

In the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya, Abdullahi, a second-year procurement student at KCA University, is making a significant impact far beyond his academic pursuits. Abdullahi's dedication to volunteerism is evident through his extensive work across Nairobi, and his passion for service is well recognized by those who know him.


Inspiring Hope and Resilience in Bouinan, Algeria

In the heart of Bouinan, Algeria, stories of dedication and resilience come together to highlight the transformative power of compassion and support. At the center of these stories is Mounia, a dedicated psychologist and volunteer, whose unwavering commitment to her community exemplifies the spirit of giving.


Transforming Lives in Kisii, Kenya

Today we highlight the incredible impact of two individuals in Kisii, Kenya, whose stories inspire us and underscore the mission of the Allies organization.


How You Can Help?


Your partnership provides mentorship, education, and physical necessities for the orphans and others in need.

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Help Orphans Life Change

Through Education, Mentorship, Hope and Love

Read stories of recent orphanage visits by our team and what kinds of improvements the children are making because of love and attention from someone who cares.

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Allies In The News

A huge thank you to the wonderful reporters, news administrators, and hosts for helping spread the word about the mission of Allies and how Allies is providing relief during the conflict in Ukraine.

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