Every year, thousands of orphans age out of the system with no support and end up living on the streets or taken by human traffickers. Allies is intervening through AMP, improving lives and making a difference.

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Allies in Youth Development
engages orphans through nurturing friendships,
modeling biblical love, and providing education –

Empowering: Life Change


What is Life Like for an Eastern European Orphan?

Get a glimpse of the daily challenges children face in the orphanage.



By training and engaging in-country university students
and partners, we cultivate a culture of involvement that
benefits orphans in and outside the orphanage.

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Orphans need education, training and opportunities. Proper skills development through our education
programs ensures their success and safety when it's
time for them to lead independent lives.

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Abandonment can lead any child down the wrong path. Restoring their motivation, self-worth and dignity empowers them to make better choices, improves educational abilities, and forms a foundation for success.

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Who Do We Serve

Allies Supports Single Moms and Their Children

As you become entrenched in serving orphaned children, you begin recognizing needs and opportunities. More and more we have seen opportunities to extend help to single mothers who are financially challenged. Teen girls age out of the orphanage as young as 16 and have no where to turn, often getting pregnant from prostitution or young, misguided relationships. We understand how difficult it is for a single mom to take care of her children, so Allies has been extending a loving hand to lighten their burden and help put their lives on a new pathway. A few weeks back, we visited Alena, a 23-year-old single mother of four children. Alena had a difficult life when she was younger, but she decided to keep her kids and raise them on her own, even if it meant sacrificing her own personal needs. Tatyana, one of our volunteers, said, “I have known her for a long time, when she was just a teenager. Her past was not easy, but she is trying to stand on her feet to raise and take care of her children. I admire her for that.” “While children are supposed to be with their mothers, unfortunately, some single parents choose not to raise their children because perhaps they aren’t ready for the responsibility or they fear that they will not be able to give them their needs. Because of this, children go to shelters, and mothers start to drink from grief. But with Alena, I believe she can easily cope through our help and with the belief that God will take care of her and her family,” Tatyana adds. As we visited Alena, we brought gifts for her and her children. She was so grateful because she can’t afford toys. As much as she wants to provide her children with gifts and toys and send them to school, she doesn’t have the means to do so. She’s not working at the moment, because her youngest son is still too small and she can’t afford childcare. She is not receiving any help from their relatives either. We often visit Alena, talk to her, support her, and even help resolve any problems she may be dealing with. At 23, we can see how she’s giving all her time and attention to her children. We admire her for her strength and responsibility, despite the difficult situation she is in. Alena’s children are also an inspiration. Valerie, 6, and Vaselisa, 5, are two of her children that caught our attention. They are smart, energetic, and really friendly. They love to dance and move around. Alena wanted to send them to a dancing class to encourage their interests, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have the financial resources. The girls shared with us that they wanted to have roller skates and a scooter. Reasons like this are why Allies steps in and helps. Helping those who cannot help themselves. Helping those in desparate situations. If you want to be part of a team that cares and supports less fortunate children, teenagers, and single parents, we welcome you with open arms. Visit our How to Help page to learn way you can more  >

Teaching Children about Sports and Friendly Competitions

It was a great day for Anenii Noi orphanage as we held an event called “Fun Starts”, a friendly sports competition between children and volunteers.


Message From Dr. Tatiana Baeva

Here is a message from the AIYD Director of International Operations, Dr. Tatiana Baeva:


3-Year Plan

The odds are stacked against Eastern European orphans, but Allies has a plan. Read how Allies is making a difference in the lives of thousands of orphans each year through human connection, education and life skills and how you can be a part of it.

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Through Education, Mentorship, Hope and Love

Read stories of recent orphanage visits by our team and what kinds of improvements the children are making because of love and attention from someone who cares.

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