Volunteers and Teachers Undergo Specialized Training

Helping children who have experienced trauma is a challenging ministry and requires sufficient preparation on the part of social workers and volunteers. Allies recognizes and addresses this need through training developmental activities and seminars done in coordination with local partners.

Teachers from a Christian school-orphanage in Ukraine recently hosted a session together with experienced volunteers for the benefit of youth groups that want be involved. The training revolved around topics related to improving competence and skills: Affection, Formation of Healthy Attachments, Trauma and the Brain, and Strategies for Discipline.

Each topic came with examples for better understanding and clarity. The participants were divided into four groups and were given problem-solving exercises, particularly on helping a child with complex trauma. These types of activities are extremely helpful for teachers and volunteers, as it provides useful knowledge that can be applied in real-life situations.

Valentina, a long-time volunteer who shares her time helping orphans and children deprived of parental care, acknowledge the importance of the training in equipping those who are intent on working with orphaned children – like 9-year-old Victoria, who excels in school and has taken an interest in drawing and poetry.

“This is very important in the work that involves assisting orphans,” Valentina said. “The training helps to enrich what we know through examples, and effectively helps us understand the various problems that arise from working with orphans.”

These and other similar excercises help Allies volunteers to engage orphans where they are at and provide the fundamental skills needed to thrive both inside and outside the orphanage.