Changing the Direction of Orphans in Many Nations & Generations

The Allies Mentoring Program (AMP) is the foundation of saving the lives of orphans around the world. We train and equip in-country volunteers to provide orphans with the things they need for life.


Allies Mentoring Program (AMP) is an initiative designed to train and invest in teams of university students who are willing to work with local orphanages as mentors. Mentors provide educational opportunities for orphans, build relational bridges, and teach them basic life skills that will help them become more prepared for life outside the orphanage.


In our present capacity, our volunteers do an impressive job mentoring to a large number of orphans.

However, for every child we serve, there are thousands of others who could benefit from our support. Every year, thousands of orphans age out of the system with no support and end up living on the streets or taken by human traffickers.

There is a way out for these children, but there is a profound need to train the people there. With Allies’ 3-Year Plan, the organization is poised to have a greater capacity to serve orphans and train volunteers in Russia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and across the globe.

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While our mentoring program is limited to in-country volunteers, you can help mentor an orphan by getting involved in other ways. The Mentoring Program has a cost of $12.50 per child per month. Will you consider supporting a child to help them get on the right path? 

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