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Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Allies in Youth Development (AiYD) believes that the path of at-risk youth can be changed. Allies recently started a new means to support these beauitful children overseas - The Allies Sponsorship Program! Sponsors in the U.S. can pick children to develop relationships with, encourage, send gifts and letters, and hopefully even meet them overseas one day! Sponsors pay $50/month, which sends much-needed clothing, hygiene items, and toys to your sponsored child.

Why does AiYD believe child sponsorship is so important?

Sponsorship can have a powerful impact on a child’s life. Poverty and war can destroy a child and tell them that they will never amount to anything. But, a positive and loving relationship with a strong support system (a sponsor) can tell them that they are loved and they are worthwhile.

Studies have proven that child sponsorship works in a child’s life. According to research conducted by Dr. Bruce Wydick and recorded in a June 2013 article by Journal of Political Economy, sponsored children are 27-40% more likely to complete secondary education while 50-80% are more likely to graduate from college. After leaving school, sponsored children are also 14-18% more likely to attain salaried employment. This impact can be dramatic in a child’s life and encourage them to have a healthy and productive future.

How can I pick a child?

Please visit here to see children available for sponsorship.

What does my $50 provide?

Your sponsorship will provide your sponsored child with educational, emotional, and spiritual support as well as meeting some physical needs.

What will I receive throughout the year?

We are excited to offer yout the possibility to witness a life change. We will facilitate a connection with your sponsored child via photos, profiles, profile updates, and letters. 

Where does my child live?

Currently, our sponsorship program is centralized in the Q'eros Nation in Peru, a small community of people nestled high in the Andes Mountains. Each child packet lists more information about the child’s living situation. We hope to soon expand into other areas as well.

Do I have to pay with credit card?

Although we keep credit card information safe and secure, we understand that some people would prefer to pay by check. Please make your check out to Allies in Youth Development and be sure to include your child’s name and/or ID number . You can mail checks to 1315 Hwy 1187, STE 107; Mansfield, TX 76063.

Why should I send my sponsored child letters?

Connecting with a child is important to developing a strong relationship with them. You can encourage your child with what they love to do and how they are doing in school. You can teach them that just because they have little doesn’t mean that they can do little.

How can I send them letters?

Simply click here to write a letter to your child online! It will be sent to the child and you'll receive a digital letter as soon as possible. 

When will I hear from my child?

Letters are sent by email to the U.S. Once received, the letters are translated and then emailed to you. Because of the several steps involved, letters may take several weeks for you to receive.

How can I visit my child? 

We have several exciting opportunities for you to visit your child throughout the year. Please visit here for more information. Please do not attempt to visit your child without using Allies as the facilitator. 

Will my letter get a response? 

We cannot guarantee any response. These are real kids who may or may not feel like writing a letter back! However, the more often you write, the more likely you are to get a response.

What if my child is no longer being served by the program?

You will be notified in a timely manner and your sponsorship will be switched to another child in the program. It is always up to you how you would like to proceed with your sponsorship. 

What if I don't have $50/month, but I want to help?

Thank you for wanting to help! There are several ways that you can be more involved. First, you could grab a friend or two and split the cost of the $50/month. With another friend, it would only be $25/month each. With two other friends, it would be about $17/month each. If you’re involved in a community group, Sunday School class, or have interested co-workers, you could all go in together and make the cost much smaller for each person.

If you are still unable to support a child financially, donations are always appreciated. We regularly send clothing and other items to the children. Clean out your closet and drop it off to us! You can see a list of orphanage needs here

What if I have questions about my sponsorship?

Contact Kate Walker at kate@alliesyouth.org with any questions you might have!