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AMP Opened Doors to Send Vital Aid to Ukraine During War

Because Allies has worked with orphans in Ukraine for several years, we were uniquely positioned to act quickly when war began. With more than a dozen trusted area leaders in Ukraine, we had the connections to send money directly to those who could support others in need. We evacuated orphans and area leaders to safety, and immediately sent aid to leaders helping orphans, refugees, the elderly, and others in poor villages with limited resources. Since the beginning of the conflict in February 2022, Allies has sent more than 10 tons of aid including food, baby items, and medical supplies, and purchased seven vehicles for area leaders to better serve orphans and refugees. So far, Allies has helped more than 178,000 Ukrainians during the war. This is an ongoing effort and we will continue to help those affected as long as needed.

All of this was possible because of caring for Ukrainian orphans all these years.


An Allies area leader in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine,
said ballistic missiles hit buildings not far from his family’s home in June 2023.

“Our team of volunteers goes to Kherson. We are taking bread and necessary things for people who are left without their homes and personal belongings. We need your prayers. God have mercy! There is such grief. Please pray for our land and for the whole Ukraine.”
- Allies area leader

Ukraine Hug

Update 2023

The war in Ukraine may have faded in the minds of many around the world, but it isn’t over. Statistics estimate that Ukraine has suffered at least 125,000 casualties, with more than 354,000 total casualties between Ukraine and Russia.

Ukrainians continue to suffer, and Allies leaders and volunteers are still providing food, clothing, medical supplies, and encouragement. As of June 2023, people like you have helped more than 178,000 Ukrainians, including more than 7,000 children a month through Allies.

In 2022, you sent 299 boxes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. You also helped purchase those vehicles for area leaders to have reliable transportation to deliver aid in more than two dozen areas around the country and also for some assisting refugees in nearby countries. This also allowed Allies teams to continue visits to orphanages and for them to provide joy during war through children’s programs. Allies teams also still hold summer day camps for Ukrainian children to find some time for fun, a break from reality, and to hear about Jesus.

Please pray with us that the war will end. Pray for the safety of orphans, our leaders, volunteers, and the people of Ukraine while we wait. Until that day, rest assured knowing Allies teams will not stop delivering hope through aid and offering spiritual support.

Ukraine Update 2023