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Bringing Joy and Hope to Alexandria's Orphanage

In the vibrant city of Alexandria, Egypt, the lives of children at a local orphanage were brightened by a visit from Sergey, a dedicated Allies volunteer. This time, Sergey came with treats, fellow volunteers, and his camera to capture the joyous moments shared with the children. Despite his long-held dream of adopting a child, Sergey had always feared he wouldn't be able to love them as his own. However, his genuine affection for the children he met dispelled these doubts, proving his capacity for love and kindness.

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Transforming Lives in Nairobi, Kenya

In the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya, Abdullahi, a second-year procurement student at KCA University, is making a significant impact far beyond his academic pursuits. Abdullahi's dedication to volunteerism is evident through his extensive work across Nairobi, and his passion for service is well recognized by those who know him.

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Inspiring Hope and Resilience in Bouinan, Algeria

In the heart of Bouinan, Algeria, stories of dedication and resilience come together to highlight the transformative power of compassion and support. At the center of these stories is Mounia, a dedicated psychologist and volunteer, whose unwavering commitment to her community exemplifies the spirit of giving.

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Transforming Lives in Kisii, Kenya

Today we highlight the incredible impact of two individuals in Kisii, Kenya, whose stories inspire us and underscore the mission of the Allies organization.

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Hope and Resilience in Green Meadow, Ukraine

In a remote village in Ukraine, where the echoes of conflict still resonate, the strength and resilience of a small community continue to inspire. Victoria, a dedicated local who organizes support for the children of this area, extends her heartfelt thanks to the Allies team for their commitment to this often-overlooked region.

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Empowering Futures: Stories of Hope

In the Chikwawa District of Malawi, transformational stories unfold every day, thanks to the dedication of volunteers like Jose and the support of Allies Youth Development. Jose, who overcame his own adversities, now inspires a new generation to pursue their dreams with resilience and determination.

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A Special Thank You From Allies Regional Director of Central-Eastern Europe

Good day, everyone!

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Empowering Emotional Education in Marcala, Honduras

In the vibrant community of Marcala, Honduras, Saby and Yohana embarked on a transformative journey that reshaped their understanding of emotional well-being. Initially holding different views on the nature and impact of emotions, both have come to realize the critical importance of emotional education—especially for the younger generation.

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Martha's Journey of Compassion

Martha, whose heart is as vast as the journey she embarked upon to the town of Hwange, Zimbabwe, became an unexpected angel to two children in dire need of compassion. On a simple bus ride, 100km from her own city, Martha's path crossed with that of two orphans, whose longing for care and affection had been left unmet by a society that had seemingly forgotten them. Her immediate, heartfelt response was to offer the warmth of an embrace—a simple gesture that moved the children to tears.

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March Newsletter

You Send Joy and Jesus to Children Through Camp

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

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