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Allies Event in Mansfield Hosts Surprise NBA Star

Allies was blessed with a wonderful turnout Sunday evening September 17th at its annual Color Their World event in Mansfield to celebrate 12 years of rescuing orphans.

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The Power of Connection: A Day at Aime ton Prochain Orphanage That Changed Lives

How Your Support Shaped a Transformative Day

At the Aime ton Prochain Orphanage in Tiébissou, Ivory Coast, your generous contributions helped facilitate an unforgettable experience for both the children and volunteers. The day’s lesson, titled "What Kind of Person Am I?", became a touchstone for sincere self-expression, the healing power of words, and a lesson in character development.

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The Ripple Effect: How Your Generosity Transforms Lives in Our Community

A Day in the Village: More Than Just a Children's Program

Your support does more than just fund a children's program; it creates a ripple effect of hope and nourishment in the communities we serve. On our recent trip to the Mukuni village near Victoria Falls in Zambia, your generosity was felt in more ways than one. While our dedicated volunteers engaged the children in educational activities and songs, another team was busy preparing sandwiches.

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A Day of Gratitude at Tankids Home in Tanzania

We enjoyed a heartwarming day with the children from Tankids Home in Gongo la Mboto, Tanzania. The lesson on health and wellness truly captivated the young minds, especially with the presence of Doctor Nuhu and fitness mentor, Jackson.

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You're sending Allies to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone leaders teach and connect with God's children GOD BLESS YOU for sending mentors to build children up in grace and truth. Children learned about the Tower of Babel and how language started. They participated in a play which helps with details (and is a lot of fun) and then drew pictures of the tower. There was a great meal of rice and potato leaves soup. Spending time with these children is always fruitful!

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You're now sending Allies to Uganda

There is Hope for Orphans in Uganda!

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2023 Camp

We love sharing pics of our kids having fun at summer camp. Because of your generosity, Allies was able to send over 1,300 kids to camp, exceeding our goal! Thank you!

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A Trip to the Science Museum!

Welcome to Leonardo Science Park! On our trip here with the children, including some newcomers to the orphanage, we explored the wonders of science through interactive exhibits, rides and mazes. From experiencing the power of a tornado to hearing the melodies of lightning, this is a place where kids of all backgrounds can have a magical and educational experience, and the children really enjoyed it!

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A Wonderful Visit to Children in Sierra Leone

Allies was welcomed with open arms by the children of the Joshua’s Network and Truth of God Foundation in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The day was full of joy and excitement as the kids learned how Allies was dedicated to mentoring them and helping them have a better future.

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Megan Alexander, Large Crowd Gather in Support of Orphans at Fort Worth Museum

A large crowd filled the CR Smith Museum in Fort Worth on May 4 and heard inspirational stories of orphans' struggles and successes amidst World War II aircraft. Allies in Youth Development hosted a National Day of Prayer awareness event at the museum and welcomed guest speakers Megan Alexander and Amy Ryan, founder of the Flying Squirrel Coffee Company in Mansfield.

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