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Teaching Children about Sports and Friendly Competitions

It was a great day for Anenii Noi orphanage as we held an event called “Fun Starts”, a friendly sports competition between children and volunteers.

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Message From Dr. Tatiana Baeva

Here is a message from the AIYD Director of International Operations, Dr. Tatiana Baeva:

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Celebrating Birthdays in an Orphanage

Birthdays are happy and impactful occasions. Children always look forward to their special day, because they know that it will be filled with gifts, surprises, and food that they can share with their family, friends, and loved ones.

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Art and Theatre for Therapy and Building Connections

Earlier in the year during Allies’ first visit to theShovgenovskiyorphanage, a group of volunteers fromKrasdnodarplanned a theatricalperformanceentitled “Panchinello.”

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Never Too Early to Teach Life Skills

Are there realities oflife that might be too advanced for kids at an orphanage? We at Allies believe that the gradual implementation of practicalknowledge andlife skills isimportant, even at a young age. And even discussing topicsthat might seem to hardfor youngmindsis crucial tochallengeand equip themfor a brighter future.

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Simple Makes an Impact

An exciting day of board games, riddles, and songs wastheday’s highlightfor18 childrenatorphanageinEnakievo city, which is 90 kilometers from Donetsk.

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Connecting with the Kids

Connecting with orphans is difficult. Many of them have been abused, neglected, left on a doorstep. Allies volunteers have an incredible task and journey ahead of them – to gain the trust of the orphans, and then keep it. Children are very perceptive and quick to remember, hard to forget, so gaining that trust is challenging. Maybe that’s why God gave us the gift of play.

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Orphans Learn About Our Strong Defender on Holiday

Our recent visit to the orphanage happened to fall on a special day –Defender of the Fatherland Day. Historically this day celebrates people who are or were serving the Russian Armed Forces, military or civilian, male or female. Today it has become the day that celebrates and honors men.

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Why It is Important to Talk About Friendships

A coupleof months ago, Allies’volunteersvisitedanorphanageinPerlinawith the goal of discussing friendship.Volunteers Katerina andVictoriyaexplained what a real friend is, what can harm friendships, and kind of friend is appreciated. They also taught them how they can be a good friend and what a real and healthy friendship looks like.

It may sound surprising that children are taught about good friendships, but this is important for children in orphanages because sometimes they miss out on the opportunity to connect with other children in a carefree manner as most children do.Friendships are important in mental, physical, emotional, and social development. They helpchildren to learn how to read social cues andpromotehealthy interactions.Learning how to build healthy friendships inyouthallows themdevelop healthy relationships as adults.

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Encouraging Kids to Dream Big

One of the first questions adults often ask children is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Then we receive a host of answers: doctor, fire fighter, singer, teacher, mother, magician. Dreaming about our future is a naturalpart of childhoodfor most of us,but for many children who grow up in an orphanage, it is an exercise that must be done deliberately.

Allies’ volunteers recently helped the children to think about their dreams. “We brought white posters where we asked them todraw and listwhat their dreams are, what future they dream about, who they would like to be, what they might want to buy, and where they want to study,” a volunteer reported.

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