Thanks for Your Interest in the Success of Orphans!

Did you know Allies has helped over 1,000 orphans get into a university or trade school? We're so excited to share these stories of our orphans who joined the Allies Tutoring Program and were able to mature and find success with the help of Allies mentors and educators. Enjoy!


Oraz Ustemirov

Omsk Technical University, Isilkul orphanage. He successfully graduated from Omsk Technical University and entered the master's program. He is fond of drawing and design. Perhaps he will connect his future career with design.


Alexander Karev

Omsk Technical University, Isilkul orphanage. He also successfully graduated from Omsk Technical University and entered the master's program. He dreams of going to the USA. He is very grateful to the program for its help. 


Mariya Sleptsova

Omsk Medical University, Isilkul orphanage. She is finishing the 5th year of the medical faculty of Omsk Medical University. You can watch this  video with Mariya.


Artur Karimov

Omsk State University, Isilkul orphanage. He is studying 4th year in Omsk State University at the Faculty of Theology. He got a place in a dormitory and a scholarship. He is happy to study at the most prestigious university in the city. In addition, there is an opportunity to communicate with his mother, who was deprived of parents rights and rarely came to the orphanage in Isilkul.


Evgeny Minaev

Omsk Technical University, Isilkul orphanage. He is studying the 3rd year, with the specialization "engineer in electric power and electrical engineering.” Also additionally engaged in programming. He lives in a dormitory and receives an additional scholarship. He believes that without a tutor program, he might have entered, but with low scores and would not have received an additional scholarship. “I think this program has helped not only me, but also many children from orphanages and it should definitely continue to be promoted for other orphanages," said Zhenya.


Ivan Komarov

Omsk Aviation Technical School, Omsk orphanage 16. Ivan is studying in the first year of a technical school. He is very happy with his studies. He lives in an orphanage that was provided by a technical school. He is passionate about aircraft modeling. Has an active political position. He went to rallies in support of Alexey Navalny.


Valentina Sleptsova-Omsk

Valentina began attending technological college while living in the Omsk orphanage at 16. Now she lives in a dormitory. She is thinking about continuing her studies at a university.


Maxim Nabiullin

Moscow Institute of Cartography and Geodesy - Maxim was placed with a foster family in Kaluga. He is finishing the institute in 2 months.


Dmitry Korobkov

Moscow Educational University, a graduate of Orion. In 1st grade, Dmitry was taken into a family in Orion.  2 years ago he graduated 11th grade.  He entered the Educational University in Moscow for the specialty of technology teacher.  After the first year, he decided to join the army.  Dmitry will return in the summer to continue his studies in the University.


Ekaterina Yasherizina

Ekaterina studied in Orion from the 2nd grade and graduated from the 11th grade when she graduated. A year ago, she entered the flight attendant school in Moscow and successfully graduated from it. However, due to the pandemic, there were problems with employment.  At the moment, she is not working in her specialty, waiting for an invitation to the airline.


Kurovskiy Ivan

He was taken into a family in Orion in the 1st grade. He graduated 11th grade and then graduated from college in Moscow.  Ivan started a profession as a carpenter/woodworker.  He currently serves in the army. After the army, Ivan dreams of becoming a 3D designer.


Alexander Krutenkov

Alexander was placed with a family in Orion in the 7th grade. Upon graduating 11th grade a year ago, he entered the college of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.