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Growth Only Possible Because of YOU

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

Volunteers Becky Philips and Jerry Whitt go through donated items in the Allies warehouse.

Growth is a funny thing to me. I guess it’s a matter of perspective and plain ol’ common sense. Put a seed in the ground and in all the right conditions -- voila -- you have a plant. The same could also be said for children given the right conditions. And you are the reason orphans are planted and thriving all around the world. You are the reason Allies programs went from being in nine countries in 2019 to 15 countries in 2021 -- and counting!

A dear friend of Allies recently shared this quote by A.D. Posey, “Believe in people, they fly for a day. Teach them to believe in themselves, they soar for a lifetime.” That is what YOU are doing for orphans and others in need in those 15 countries. You make it possible to connect with those who need a friend, a tutor, food, clothing, guidance, etc., and are letting them know they can keep going. You are helping them get planted, thrive, and soar for a lifetime.

“Believe in people, they fly for a day. Teach them to believe in themselves, they soar for a lifetime.” A.D. Posey

2020 was a difficult year around the world and COVID definitely made an impact on non-profit organizations, especially those with a foreign focus. Some saw resources dry up as people felt more inclined to meet local needs. Unfortunately, some organizations didn’t make it or are limping along trying to stay alive. But because of your faithfulness and continual support, Allies is not one of the casualties of COVID. Amazingly, our programs grew to even more areas, more countries -- all thanks to YOU!

COVID didn’t stop volunteers from coming to the Allies warehouse to pack and ship boxes that were especially needed this past year. COVID didn’t stop our volunteer coordinators overseas from working hard to stay connected with children in the orphanages and others in need despite all the restrictions. Even when they couldn’t visit children during the height of the pandemic, they had the responsibility to deliver humanitarian aid and stay in touch with the children in any way possible. They wrote lesson plans, connected with children online, and safely delivered aid. And COVID didn’t stop YOU from making this happen.

Yes, Allies grew in every area except one -- travel. We had three trips in 2020 before the shutdown and will be fortunate if we can get in that many this year, but that’s okay. You’ve helped create programs in all those countries that keep going even when we’re not there. That is the miracle of growth. Plant, cultivate, and nurture good leadership and they will thrive even when you’re not around.

Thank you for your crucial part in every aspect of the planting and growth to equip orphans for the future in those 15 countries!

COVID Created More Substance Abuse and Children in Need But YOU Were There For Them

tatiana Dr.Tatiana Baeva | Director of International Operations

Sasha, 13, went to an orphanage on her own and receives help from Allies with her studies

Some of the growth this year isn’t growth you or I hope for because the circumstances are difficult. And yet this is reality for many around the world. We are so grateful for your help in coming alongside these children and their families during these hard times and showing them you care. Because of COVID, even more families struggled with drug and alcohol abuse to deal with hunger, poverty, and misery after losing jobs and being on lockdown. This left children vulnerable to abuse and neglect -- including two girls in two different countries, both named Sasha. Sasha, 13, is a very good student in Ukraine, but her mom is a drug addict. Sasha has no brothers or sisters and could no longer handle life at home all alone. She went to the orphanage on her own to find refuge and asked if she could live there. Thanks to you, she was able to receive care and attention at the orphanage and get help with her studies.

Little Sasha is back with her family after time in a baby home.

The other Sasha I want to tell you about is just a baby in Russia. Her mother struggles with alcohol abuse so Sasha was taken from the home this past year and placed in an orphanage for babies. During her time there, this precious baby was scared of adults, lost weight, and had no interest in playing with toys. Because of your help, Allies connected with this family to help them through this time. Sasha’s mother did everything child services asked of her so she could fix the situation. Baby Sasha returned home and is once again thriving. Her mother continues to get better and work hard to get Sasha’s siblings back home.

These are the types of situations and children that need help, even if only for a season. While a child is in an orphanage, you provide tutoring after school or a friend through the Allies Mentoring Program. This could be temporary or long-term, but in all these situations YOU are placing the right people in their lives at the right time. Thank you for being an Ally and saving one Sasha at a time!

More Needs Led to More Warehouse Space Your Giving Made Move Possible

margie Margie Brooks | Volunteer Coordinator and Office Manager

“Where God guides, He provides.” Isaiah 58:11

God has definitely guided Allies and then He provided through YOU. Your generosity continues to provide for more needs for more orphans around the world. And your faithfulness in giving in-kind donations created a need for a larger warehouse.

Key Club students from local high schools volunteering recently in the Allies warehouse.

And it was just one year ago that Allies made a short move to have twice the warehouse space thanks to you!

God miraculously provided for Allies and so many in need through the faithfulness of supporters, advocates, and volunteers like you.

Despite such a challenging year, 2020 was a success because:

YOU continued to be faithful in volunteering, even with COVID being a concern.

YOU donated almost three times the value of in-kind donations.

YOU packed and shipped over five tons of supplies overseas.

It was evident that God provided where He guided thanks to supporters like you. Thank you! For more information about volunteering in our warehouse, please click here.

Memorial Fund Created to Remember Orphan

You Showed Ruslan Love During His Short Life

Ruslan was a sweet boy in Moldova who Allies area leaders and volunteers visited and loved for several years when he was at the orphanage. Sadly, he was murdered last year by his abusive and drunk relatives after he aged out of the orphanage at 16. Because of this senseless loss, we have created the Ruslan Memorial Fund in his honor to prevent this story from reoccurring with other orphans once they age out of the system.


It will cost $620 a month or about $20 a day to provide an orphan with food, a safe place to stay, and mentorship and guidance into life outside the orphanage. We have a goal of $100,000 this year to establish the fund. For more information, contact Frederick.

New Program Provides Another Way to Volunteer

Your Support Makes it Possible to Help Orphans Online

Carla Fink Carla Fink | Travel Manager

I have volunteered for Allies since 2013 and coordinated and led many volunteer trips since that time. I’ve been able to see with my own eyes the impact your partnership has in so many lives! As the worldwide orphan crisis rages on, more growth within Allies is necessary to reach even more orphans. That includes me joining the staff at Allies this past fall as Travel Manager.

Even though international travel was almost nonexistent in 2020, we have found other ways to reach out to orphans.

In this unprecedented time we’re in, new concerns arise when it comes to volunteerism. But what if you could volunteer from the comfort and safety of your own home? In the absence of physical travel during the pandemic, how about some “virtual travel” by talking to orphans online? I am coordinating a program called Spark an Orphan’s Success (S.O.S.).

We invite Christian volunteers to spend one or two hours a week online with orphans in India and Nepal, mentoring them in an area of language or arts. These orphans need help practicing their English along with discussing other areas of interest including: art (drawing or painting); music (piano, guitar, violin, bass guitar, or drums); Bible lessons; computer programming; and mechanical design. This online mentorship will open up an orphan’s world and give them tools for a successful future.

Your support has allowed Allies to grow in this new way of using technology to make a difference in the lives of orphans. Thank you for helping us touch their lives despite the physical distance. For more information about this volunteer opportunity, contact me.

Penpal Program Underway

Here’s another way you can show love to orphans from your own home! We recently began a Penpal Program to reach out to orphans in countries like Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. This program will be such a blessing to orphans especially since volunteer visits are limited in some areas and we are still unable to travel overseas.

Contact Zhenya for more information.

Can I Get A Witness?

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