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Motivation is Key to Orphans’ Academic Success

Studying isn’t the most exciting activity for a lot of children. Even the young orphans that we help care for aren’t spared from the usual school doldrums. However, when academic proficiency is not only necessary but life-saving – which is the case for orphaned youth in Eastern Europe -- it has to be undertaken with even more diligence and responsibility.

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Opportunities – Big or Small – Bring Hope to Orphans 

There’s nothing quite like a child’s curiosity to awaken the awe in adults. A simple walk outside turned into a festive excursion for orphans of a Bryansk orphanage – and Allies volunteers were right there with them, marveling at their God-given innocent wonder.

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Children Learn the Value of Generosity and Gratitude

It feels good to receive from others, but true joy comes from giving – blessing another. Some children may find it difficult to comprehend this reality, as it is natural for them to seek nurturing and care. The need to receive and be provided for is even greater among orphans, who, through no fault of their own, come to experience deprivation and loneliness very early in their lives.

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Tutoring Program Attracts Omsk Orphans

For many children in Eastern Europe, education is the key to a better future, but for orphans in Eastern Europe, we are learning that it is literally the key to saving their lives. Without it, children can go down the wrong path, or even fall prey to human traffickers. A good education is essential to their survival.

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Special Program Targets Communication Skills in Orphans

An unstable home deprives children of opportunities to develop skills at a normal pace. Through special programs, Allies strives to fill specific gaps so that no orphan will be left behind.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your unrelenting support and generosity! We wish you and your families a happy and blessed Thanksgiving celebration.

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One Visit Leads to New Ministry for Volunteer

It was just another day at the office for 26-year-old Daniel – until their director spoke to him and his colleagues about donating to an orphanage. When he found out that the orphanage had been the one to ask for help, Daniel decided to take it a step further and visit the children himself.

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Volunteers’ Lesson on Fall Harvest Proves Fruitful 

Each season that passes through carries golden opportunities for learning and fellowship. As summer turned to fall, Allies volunteers swung by the orphanage in Maykop to check up on the children and find out what they were up to during their break.

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Stories Give Orphans Back-to-School Boost

Storytelling is a wonderful way to engage children and help them learn lessons they can bring with them well into adulthood. During every volunteer visit, there is always a time for sharing and conversation, with God’s Word as the primary source of inspirational stories and insights.

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Children and Teens Flock to Youth Camps

Youth camps provide an opportunity for children and teens to learn together and from each other, at the same time making spaces for play and creativity. Our volunteer teams in Alexandria and Maykop thoughtfully prepared and carried out camps for the orphanages in their areas, shedding light on different subjects and engaging the children and teens in worthwhile activities.

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