Trip to the Library Opens Up Children’s World

Children in an Ukranian orphanage recently received a wonderful treat from Allies volunteers—a field trip to the central city library. Since the children’s daily lives are mostly confined within the walls of the orphanage, where they both live and study, the excursion provided for a welcome change in scenery.

The itinerary included a tour of the library’s different departments, as well as a discussion on rules regarding proper behavior inside the library and the events that take place in the library. The children—16 in total—were also able to visit the book storage and use the computers. An educational cartoon that serves to inform young viewers of the dangers of smoking was also screened for the children, along with a cartoon of their own choosing.

"The children were very pleased to visit the library. The educational cartoon made some of them think about their own health," said Lubov, who, along with his four co-volunteers, also distributed candies and called them reading vitamins.

"It was a very interesting and cheerful day. The candies were tasty," Gabriella, one of the 16 children, shared. "I wish we can go on excursions like this more often."



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