Easter Prep Teaches Valuable Lesson

Easter holds great significance, as it is the time we remember and reflect upon the great sacrifices that God and his only son Jesus Christ made so that we may be saved from the bondage of sin. It is also a time to renew our spirit of belief and gratitude, and share in joyous celebration with our family, friends and community.

Allies volunteers in Eastern Europe were busy with preparations as well. Over a period of two months, they designed diverse activities for the orphans in their charge, tapping into their creativity and encouraging social interaction through fellowship. Along the way, the children gained valuable lessons that can help them adjust to life outside the orphanage, and enrich their faith as they follow Christ’s example.

To engage the children, the volunteers prepared an arts and crafts activity. Using different methods, the children, together with their teachers, were tasked to make and decorate Easter napkins and eggs. Some embroidered with beads, some learned how to do quilting, and others worked with paint and stencils. There were plenty of supplies to go around, thanks to the generosity of Allies partners.

The master class on how to make paper Easter eggs was very creative and fun, "volunteer Tatiana said. "The children talked about themselves with pleasure and even read poetry by writer Shevchenko, whose poems they memorized for their school event. The children showed their talents in drawing and cutting, they happily took their final artwork back to school to put them on display."

Apart from the arts and crafts, the volunteers also took the children shopping, an activity they had long been wanting to do. Each child was given a certain amount of money and allowed to go around the store independently. When they gathered back around, the volunteers had a discussion with the children about the items they had decided on, and returned some that the children said they had simply "picked up." This taught the children to purchase only what is necessary, and they all went back to the school happy and content.

"It was very interesting to watch the children when they entered the store for the first time. They did not know where to look first, they wanted everything and now," Evgenii, another volunteer, shared. "The most difficult test for them was to not spend more of what they had. But the thing that surprised me the most was the children's kindness. Right after we left the store, they started to share what they got with me and their teacher." 

The special shopping trip also gave the volunteers a chance to buy a teapot, toaster and an extension cord, things that the children can use to hold tea parties. Social events present the opportunity for increased interaction with volunteers and other children and adults.



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