Spreading Cheer on Children’s Day

Children’s Day is traditionally celebrated in Russia on the first day of June. In the spirit of inclusivity, Allies in Youth Development volunteers make it a point to commemorate the holiday with children who are most in need of emotional support, fellowship and love.

“It’s already become a tradition for us to decorate the children’s home in honor of Children’s Day and other important holidays,” an Allies volunteer said. “This year was no different and we were ecstatic to receive an invitation from the director, especially when we learned that there would be a limited number of guests attending.”

The simple yet meaningful celebration was attended by Allies partners, sponsors and various organization leaders, all of whom kindly extended their warmest congratulations to all 40 children in the orphanage. The presence of Mayor Narolin, Adygea Children’s Rights Representative Ivashin A.B. and a local television station further highlighted the significance of the occasion, which was playfully dubbed as “The Wonderland.”

“We all worked hard to create a holiday atmosphere,” the volunteers said. “All the children looked beautiful and happy, and they were eager to entertain our guests with their respective talents. They were also pleased with the gifts we presented to them.”


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