Families Testify About God’s Love and Mercy

With God, nothing is impossible. His love is transformative as it is redemptive, and this is clearly felt by families who have come to know God through Allies’ acts of faith.

Volunteers recently reunited with a few foster and underprivileged families in Maykop, sharing gifts like toys and clothes from Allies partners, and trading stories about how life has been for them thus far.

“Those families are our old friends. In every household we visited, we were accepted with much joy and were told stories about what has happened in their lives,” a volunteer said, adding that they keep watch over the families and constantly keep them in their prayers.


One story came from a family of four children: 15-year-old Esther, 6-year-old Samuel, 4-year-old Sulamita and 6-month-old Stephan. All were excited about the volunteers’ return, especially Samuel, who was eager to show his drawings and tell about his life. Their mother Irini also had some very good news to share with the volunteers.


“We were finally able to buy our own house! God has truly blessed us,” Irina shared with a gleeful and grateful heart. “Not having our own home and paying rent for a place with four children was hard but we relied on God’s mercy—and He made a miracle. There is still a balance left to pay but we will continue to rely on our Creator for grace.”

Another family, that of Melihoviwh, Irina and Sergey, also received a special gift from God. “This year, we welcomed an addition to our family. God gave us Maxim.”

Other families, including one made up of 15 children—11 of whom are adopted—were thankful that even after some years have already passed, Allies has not forgotten to take care of and give love to the children.


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