Training on “Life Choices” Continues, Teaches More Orphans About Self-Awareness

The two key components of the program are assessment of strengths and weaknesses and building trust. The first component involved a question-and-answer activity, where each student was asked to write what his / her good and bad characteristics are. Afterwards, they were asked to think about how these qualities could be converted into something more beneficial. For the second part of the activity, the students were grouped into pairs, and each pair had to take turns leading their blindfolded partner and making their way through rooms and pieces of furniture. In the end, they were encouraged to talk about their thoughts and feelings with the group.

“After the training, the kids openly shared their impressions. Most of them said they gained a better understanding of who they are and how to express themselves,” an Allies volunteer said.

In previous sessions, former orphans joined the Allies student volunteers. They not only helped facilitate but also shared their personal accounts regarding life decisions, emphasizing that kids should not be afraid of making necessary changes in their lives. This time was no different. When Allies returned, familiar faces were seen once more, among them Sasha, who left veterinary School in order to pursue social work and is now learning English in preparation for a U.S.-based Work and Travel program. 

Another former orphan, Yura, was also present, to the delight of Allies student volunteers. 

“Two years ago, we helped Yura with his admission to a state university and now he is a first year student in the School of Theology. He joined us today, and this marks his third visit to this center,” the Allies volunteer shared. “Everything is going well for him—he just passed his mid-term!” 

The day winded down with a history lesson and one-on-one sessions with some of the students, including Zhenya, who is currently taking an online tutoring program. 

“Zhenya is considering going to a technical university, but he has yet to decide if he will take up a technical course or pursue a humanities track,” the Allies volunteer said. “He’s very friendly and always actively participates whenever we drop by for a visit.


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