Families Share Stories of Faith with Returning Volunteers

For Allies, the mission to spread the Good News and model biblical love doesn’t just end with one visit. It is a continuous effort to reach underprivileged families and help them through their journey of living a life in Christ. Volunteers recently returned to a community in South Ossetia, bringing much-needed supplies and Gospel-based fellowship to families and children.

There were many familiar faces and many stories to share. Some families spoke of hitting a rough patch since their last meeting with Allies, mainly due to financial difficulties. One family had to move in with their relatives because the rent had spiked, and are now facing the challenge of managing the needs of two families with 7 children in a two-bedroom apartment. Another family has had to live without electricity because the utilities expense was simply too costly.

For other families, things have been going more smoothly. One woman said that after she accepted God into her heart and repented before Him, she noticed positive changes in her life. She was able to reconcile with her once estranged sister, and her children also started to behave better. Another mother from a different household said her health had improved, thanks to the prayers she was receiving from Allies volunteers. “Whenever we hear stories from the families, our hearts are touched,” the volunteers said. “All the experiences we’ve gained through our fellowship are truly unforgettable and we are blessed to see how God is transforming these families.”

The volunteers distributed food, groceries, hygiene products, school supplies and beddings to the families. They also brought toys and prepared small activities for all 30 children they met. “The children have all been very good to their families,” the volunteers shared. “Some have lost family members over the years but have managed to overcome and stay productive. One boy participated in a local sports event and won! A couple of siblings have become more studious and prayerful, and hope to move to Russia someday. It’s all been very encouraging. Indeed, God is good, and we will keep all the families in our prayers.”




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