Orphans Receive Timely Spiritual Fellowship and Mentoring from Allies

With so much going on in the world, it is common for highly secular views to distort ways of thinking. The youth are most vulnerable to such distortions. Without proper guidance and spiritual fellowship, children and teens can easily develop misconceptions about subjects that are critical to their personal growth.

When Allies volunteers visited one orphanage for a summer camp, the teachers praised the timeliness and relevance of the discussion on relationships and intimacy. It served as a venue for the volunteers to correct ideas that some of the children have about sensitive topics, and provide a more biblical perspective on love and marriage.

 “There were many discussions, skits and games,” a camp coordinator said. “The volunteers talked about things like passion, attraction and desires, how to distinguish real feelings and love, and what the Bible says about it all.”

Eduard, one of the Allies volunteers, felt the camp gave them the means to mentor the children and speak about issues that will have an impact on their personality and on how they treat others, including their future partners.

“They asked many questions, and were even surprised to know that we are Christians and were openly talking about such intimate subjects,” he said. “I think they learned good things about how to build a family and the importance of marriage. We also taught them about particular psychological features of men and women, and that respect and mutual understanding is very important in a relationship."

Judging by the reactions of the orphans, the camp was a success. Sasha, 14, said she thoroughly enjoyed the activities and was touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness of the volunteers. “I could hardly wait to attend this camp again because I love being here. Even after I graduate, I will continue to visit and participate in this camp!”.


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