Outdoor Festival Kicks Off New School Year in Ochag

It has already become a tradition for Allies to welcome the new school year with an outdoor festival, and volunteers were more than happy to organize a fun-filled day for the children of an Ochag shelter and their house parents. One volunteer was assigned to every child, making the experience more personal and memorable. 

“It was a great day, and many came to help prepare treats for the children. I felt good knowing that there are people who are not indifferent to the orphans’ plight,” said Kristina, an 18-year-old volunteer who recently joined The Hope church after attending an Allies camp. “We purchased the treats with the money we earned at the church’s benefit café, and we are so thankful to our partners because their generosity allows us to provide care and attention to the children, who are so sweet and obedient. They all feel so loved.” 

The atmosphere in the festival was bright and cheerful, with the children eagerly participating in the activities. All in all, the volunteers arranged 15 outdoor game areas for the children to go and play through. Eight-year-old Polina, who was accompanied by three volunteers, had an especially wonderful time because she was able to experience new things with new friends. 

“It was interesting and fun, and much better than I ever imagined,” Polina said. “They dyed my short hair pink and even painted my nails! My new friends also treated me to ice cream, kvass, and cotton candy! It was unforgettable and I really did not want to leave! I hope to meet my friends again someday!”  


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