Allies Reunites with Moldovan Orphans after Summer Break

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but God’s omnipresence perpetually connects us with Him and all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Three months had already passed since Allies volunteers last visited an orphanage in Moldova, and upon their return, they were met with a warm welcome and cheerful salutations. The friendships that had formed through previous fellowships remained strong and true, with the children openly expressing their gratitude for having the opportunity to see the volunteers again.    

“I am happy that our friends finally came back! I missed them so much… we waited so long,” Sasha, 10, exclaimed. “Our director told us that you would return—and you finally did! Thank you for coming and not leaving us.”

The visit, which was the first for the new academic year, was highly anticipated by both the volunteers and the children. The time they were able to share with one another was spent on lively discussions about the children’s summer activities, as well as some fun games, arts and crafts, and gift-giving. The volunteers also sang a few songs with the children, including God’s Amazing Love. A Bible lesson that focused on the importance of reading God’s Word and leading a prayerful life served as the highlight of the day.  

"Every time we go to visit children and we see smiles form on their faces and their eyes fill with joy, my heart swells with gratitude towards our Lord,” Allies volunteer Nadezhda said. “I am so thankful that He has given me the opportunity to participate in the lives and futures of these children."



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