Volunteers Return to Give Supplies and Joy to Ossetia Orphans

It was already her second trip to the orphanage in South Ossetia, but Allies volunteer Lena still felt a rush of gratitude for having been given another opportunity to visit the children and their families, who have only known deprivation for much of their young lives.

“I love these children very much and I always want to do something for them,” Lena said. “Their living conditions are far from normal and they lack even basic necessities. Some even only eat once a day. That’s why I wish to do as much as I can for them.”

Lena joined other Allies volunteers and facilitators in order to help distribute much-needed supplies and have some meaningful prayer time with the children. Their return was also a congratulatory gesture, as a new academic year had just begun. Among the items given were school supplies, new sports shoes and jeans, which the children happily received. In the hopes of developing the children’s imagination, the volunteers also gave an art lesson, teaching them how to draw, how to choose colors, and how to color their drawings. Sponsored gifts were also given, which were equally appreciated and received as a special token of care.

The children’s joy was evident all throughout, even in newcomer Radick. A shy, quiet but kind boy, Radick was brought to the orphanage after his mother lost parental rights due to excessive drinking, which led to negligence. Despite what he’s been through, Radick still wishes to someday be reunited with his mother, who he loves dearly. In the meantime, he is enjoying the more stable environment in the orphanage and is focusing on studying well.

After the activities, the volunteers also took the time to check up on old friends and, along with the orphanage’s Director of Studies, talk about their academic life.


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