Allies Partners with Golden Hearts to Help Single Moms

"Building relational bridges" is a key tenet of Allies. Coming alongside an organization such as Golden Hearts makes building easy and satisfying. These women have hearts already engaged in making a difference in the lives of single mothers and their children in Krasnador. Allies helps provide resources used to assist in daily life: school supplies, clothing, toys, and hygiene products. Golden Hearts is involved in the stories of lives unfolding.

Some stories are tragic, such as a toddler who ingested cleaning fluid while in hospital care, now an invalid in need of rehabilitation and 24-hour care. How does a single mother cope with her and other children? The members of Golden Hearts come alongside and tell her story to raise financial and emotional support.

There are also stories of hope and change. Families now able to rise above abject poverty to find friendship and support from an organization structured to meet needs that never cease: food, resources and kind hearts and hands. Allies has become a supporting friend to Golden Hearts and their service to single mothers and their families.

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