Plant Well for a Bountiful Harvest

What do we plant in our life? For what do you spend your time and strength? Do you bring peace and kindness? What kind of harvest do we want to have in the end?

These were the questions that Allies volunteers reflected upon with children of an orphanage in Ochag. The golden hue of fall served as the perfect backdrop for an enlightening discussion on the subject of “Harvest,” and the children were all ears—and heart—as volunteers shared personal anecdotes that exemplified hard-earned growth and fulfilled goals.

“I am always happy to participate in such events. I want my experience and victories to motivate others to reach new heights!” Alexander, 38, said after sharing his remarkable journey as a world champion title holder in bodybuilding. His story, which proves the power of persistence against mistake and defeat, was an effective springboard indeed for the children to ponder about their personal goals, and to know that hard work can help them harvest the bountiful fruits of honest labor in the end.

“I liked the meeting. I made conclusions for myself,”14-year-old Nastya, shared. “Now I will study better with diligence in order to have an opportunity to someday enter into a good profession and reach more goals in life!”

To wind down the beautiful autumn day, the volunteers and children spent time craft-making and exchanging notes containing friendly wishes. Apples and grapes were also distributed as gifts—along with clothes from Allies partners. “I enjoyed the fellowship with volunteers from America,” Nastya added. “I appreciate the interest they showed in our culture and language, as well as their desire to help children like me in a strange country.”




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