Children Explore Different Professions through Play

Children have vivid imaginations, and they freely dream about what they want to be when they grow up. To help children in Sevastopol and Shovgen orphanages to gain a better understanding of what their future careers could be, Allies volunteers prepared a play-centered activity showcasing eight different professions. The activity was a follow-up to a previous discussion on the value of money and budget management.

Interactive and immersive, the activity engaged the children through various tasks relevant to each profession. For public safety and law enforcement, road rules and road signs had to be reviewed, and the children participated in a traffic light game. The chef’s or cook’s station was, to no one’s surprise, a tremendous hit because not only did the children learn more about the profession, they also had the opportunity to make their own gourmet sandwiches—and eat them, too! The stations for medical workers and firemen were also popular among the children. They learned how to administer first aid from health professionals, and were able to interact with a working team of firemen. Another treat was getting to see a real fire engine!

"It was interesting for me to spend the time with my friends. I especially liked the cooks and medical staff who were in the stations,”15-year old Alina said of her experience. “Dasha, the nurse, is very cheerful and happy. We got much energy from her!"

Likewise, the volunteers enjoyed their time with the children. “I was assigned to the ‘driver’ station with Pastor Roman. It was very interesting to talk to everyone and share the experience,” shared Pavel, who took a day off his work just so he could contribute and participate.“I am always glad to be of help to these children!"



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