Foster Families Feel Love and Hope Despite Difficulties

There are many factors that can tear families apart and force children to go through life without knowing genuine parental love and care. Healing this brokenness and establishing connections through faith and fellowship is at the core of Allies’ volunteerism. In Eastern Europe, a number of foster families continue to work with Allies partners (from both American and local teams) and, despite difficulties, remain steadfast and continue to believe in God’s goodness and miracles.

The Alexanders have four children of their own, but they willingly opened up their home—and their hearts—to 13 orphans, bringing the total number of children in their care to 17. The Smiths, another foster family, have taken in two boys, Maxim and Nikita. While there is much work to be done still, the Lord has blessed their households tremendously, and both families are earnest in their desire to work with Allies in creating a loving and God-centered home for the children. To become foster parents is not an easy decision, one of the volunteers said. These people have special hearts, and are able to give endless love not only to their own children but also to those they foster.

Volunteers have also reached out to individuals who are experiencing particular challenges. Elena, who grew up an orphan herself, suffered a fire in her home, which the government had provided. She was not at fault, but it has fallen upon her to take care of repairs. She cannot work because she cannot leave her young son, Dima, but she also does not want social workers to take her son to an orphanage while she resolves the problem. The volunteers are offering whatever assistance they can, including fetching groceries, restoring documents and finding a suitable daycare for Dima so that Lena can find a job.

Another family that receives support from Allies is Irina and her four children. Thanks to God’s Grace, Irina has finally been able to buy a home, which has been tremendously helpful, as she no longer needs to move from one place to another with her children in tow. It also means she is spared from having to deal with dishonest landlords. There are still challenges ahead, especially when it comes to finances, but she is grateful for the help that Allies continues to provide.



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