Volunteers Testify to God’s Transformative Love

God changes lives. This is what Allies volunteer Artem shared with young orphans during a recent visit to an orphanage. He testified to God’s amazing and transformative love, and how He works in his life every single day. The children, along with their teachers, listened well to Artem’s heartfelt storytelling.

15-year-old Ion was especially grateful to hear about the personal anecdote—and for the other activities that the volunteers prepared for that day. “I want to thank all who came,” Ion said. “I liked the games, songs and Bible stories.”The games were prepared in order to break the ice and help the volunteers get to know the children a bit better.

Volunteer Ruslan told the Bible story of Noah’s Ark and the great flood, and talked about what God says about sin. The children were attentive all throughout and eagerly answered the questions that came after discussion. They also happily received treats and gifts from Allies partners.

“I love children very much!” I love to play with them, take care of them and talk to them,” another volunteer, Katya, exclaimed.“ Our ministry in the orphanage is a great opportunity to show love and care for all the children who have found a home there."



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