Small Actions, Big Impact

We don’t always need to do big things to make a great impact on others’ lives. Allies volunteers found that something as simple as spending time with children in a Chisinau orphanage can have a long-lasting effect, one that can go on to shape their future.

“It is so pleasant and exciting to know that we have an opportunity to become part of these children's lives,” Daniel, 15, said. “It feels good to bring special memories be a good influence on their future.”

To create those memorable moments, the volunteers prepared a simple but enlightening program, the highlight of which was a dramatic retelling of the Biblical story of King Rehoboam, son of Solomon. The lesson was about wisdom, and how God, through His Word, is its only source. The volunteers also emphasized the importance of taking care of others and coming to their aid during times of need. The children enjoyed the play, and to keep their spirits up, the volunteers engaged them in some arts and crafts, a few contests and games, as well as distributed treats and gifts. Music also filled the room, with the children joyfully singing along to a wide range of songs. 12-year-old Sasha was especially happy, as she also happened to be celebrating her birthday at the time of the volunteers’ visit.

“What a wonderful day! You came and wished me a happy birthday,” she said. “No one has ever congratulated me as you have. I’m so thankful for your gift, and that I have you in my life!”



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