Graduated Orphans Look Forward to the Future

Patience is a virtue—and it most certainly paid off for Allies volunteers in Maykop who had been waiting for an opportunity to return to a school-orphanage in the city. They were accompanied by the Hope Church pastor, the Diocesan Bishop, child psychologist Tamara, and the director’s substitute.

Like old friends, the students of the technical school warmly received them. The volunteers were happy to meet the children who they first met in their youth, and catch up on what they have been doing since graduating. They talked about a variety of things, including what the former orphans are doing now as responsible adults of society. Their future was also discussed, and some of them gladly shared that they had received their own apartments and are currently working on making them more habitable. Others were still taking time to visit their foster families, while others have decided to live in the dorm, under their teacher’s care.

The discussion also touched on life after graduation for all the children in the orphanage, of what their goals and values are and would be once they go out on their own.

“Volunteer organizations are just so imperative for our children. Like baby birds, they leave the nest to take on adult life, but often they are not ready to face the hard difficulties of each day,” Tamara said. “During a difficult time, they need friends and mentors to direct and encourage them! It is great that we can cooperate with each other, all in the name of helping these children." All in all, the visit proved highly productive, and the children were once more treated to shoes, warm clothes and hygiene packages—all through the generosity of Allies partners.

“It was so good to see the volunteers again!” 17-year-old Katya said. “I found my mother and grandmother, and now I go to see them on weekends and school breaks! After I finish school, I want to be a cook. Right now, I’m learning how to properly spend money on food, clothes and other items that I want."


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