Volunteer Visits Bring Hope to Children’s Center

When Allies volunteers visit orphanages, they bring more than just treats—they bring hope.

"I also grew up in the orphanage, and so I understand these children’s situation," Nikolay, one of the ten volunteers who recently paid a visit to the orphanage, shared. "The destiny of these children is very close to mine.

When he was a young orphan himself, Nikolay also met other volunteers from Christian organizations who introduced him to the faith, and most importantly, helped him find his way to God. "At the time, I did not fully appreciate what I was being taught, but as I grew older, I came to realize how much their teachings could and have helped me. I want to do the same for these children, in order to support them, to give them hope."

Nikolay’s belief in God has strengthened his passion for this ministry among children. The same can be said for his co-volunteers, all of whom tirelessly prepared engaging activities for that day’s program. There were games and contests, and noticeably more children participated this time around. Everyone was also eager to join in the singing activity, especially during songs that were accompanied by movement. Nikolay also took some time to talk about his own experience as an orphan, and how God has changed his life. Ruslan, another volunteer, also spoke, sharing the Biblical story of Joseph and his brothers. The children listened attentively—and they perked up even more when the volunteers began to distribute gifts and other essential items from Allies partners, including hygienic items, clothing, detergent, toilet paper, and dish soap.

The director and the teachers expressed their sincere thanks, as they said that every time the volunteers visit, the atmosphere in the center changes—it is filled with joy and light. The children were vocal about their gratitude as well. "The last time the volunteers visited, I was taking a nap. When I was told how interesting and fun it was, I decided to wait and not to go for a nap. How great it was today!" Alexandrina, 9, said. "I like to play and sing with you. Today when I participated in one contest I received a beautiful scarf. Thank you very much to all of you!"



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