Warmth in Winter

As the weather turns cold, despair often sets in for many children. Allies volunteers had initially planned to visit a school orphanage in Maykop to bring clothes and coats, but one phone call changed the course of the day—and led them to graduated orphans in need of some warm cheer amidst the chill of winter.

The call came from Tamara, a psychologist from a local college. She supervises graduated orphans who are now studying in the college. The nature of her work makes her privy to the plight of the young men and women, who often suffer from financial difficulties. Despite receiving housing from the government and having three meals a day at the college, their monthly stipend is barely enough to cover utilities and other essentials. Former orphan and 17-year-old Alina goes to school by foot approximately five kilometres, as she simply cannot afford to take public transportation. Her only defence against the cold is a light cardigan, so she—along with her fellow graduated orphans—received the coats and shoes brought by the Allies volunteers with much gratitude and joy.

Of the volunteers’ efforts, Tamara said, “How wonderful that there are such organizations where people with big hearts can help!”



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