Children Enjoy Christmas Cheer in Chisinau

Christmas is a popular holiday among children, and the orphans in a center in Chisinau were more than glad to welcome back Allies volunteers for an early celebration.

There was a lot of cheer going around, as the volunteers and children swapped stories, made masquerade masks together, and played games, with prizes being awarded to the winners. They also sang a variety of Christmas songs, traditional Russian Christmas carols, and other festive melodic favorites. The first snow had also fallen, which made the day feel extra special.

“I am happy when you come to visit us!”10-year-old Roma said. “It is so interesting to play with you, listen to your stories and sing songs. It’s great to have friends like you. My life has become more interesting.”

But what the children looked forward to the most was the Christmas story. Volunteer Oleg took charge of telling the miraculous tale of Christ’s birth, and the children made sure to listen well as they did not want to miss any detail. The storytelling was followed by a group prayer.

Of course, what would a Christmas gathering be without gifts! The children, along with their teachers and the center’s director, were grateful to receive Christmas presents from Allies and eagerly exchanged greetings.

“As an orphan myself, I understand what is happening in hearts of these little children that we visit,” Alexander, another volunteer, said. “It is a pity that I cannot come to the orphanage all the time, as I know it is hard to be alone and having someone who loves and supports you makes a difference—an important one at that.”



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