You are the Healing Hands of God for Three Sisters

When we allow God to work through us, we help bring about much-needed transformation and healing in others. In an orphanage in Chisinau, we see this revealed in the lives of three young sisters—all in time for Christmas.

“When we arrived at the center, we met three new girls who were taken from their family, because their parents were deprived of their rights,” one of the volunteers said. “The 8-year-old girl kept her head down for most of the day, so we tried to make her happy even for just a bit. Praise the Lord she started to smile a little. We found out later on that she had been sexually abused. It’s painful to hear such things.”

Learning about the young girl’s history underlined the importance of the volunteers’ mission. By sharing God’s love—and the miraculous birth of Christ--the volunteers were able to provide her—and the other orphans in the center—with the love, support, and healing that they so deserve but seldom received before.

It was a rainy day, but the children and their teachers participated in the program with gladness in their hearts, singing along with all of the songs that the volunteers prepared. They took this as a sign that the children were trusting them more and more with each visit.

“I first met the volunteers in Hinshesht, where I was living and studying,” Dima, 15 years old, said. “I had not known them for a year, and yet they were so thoughtful to bring video greetings from my friends and teachers in Hinshest—including one from my best friend Iona. I’m so thankful they did not forget me and that keep visiting me in this center.”



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