Graduated Orphans and Volunteers Bond Like Old Friends

Many welcome the holidays because it is the perfect time to reunite with friends and family. In Maykop, Allies volunteers met with graduated orphans for a celebratory get-together, during which they happily traded stories over tea and sweets.

“How good that we started the work among these children,” volunteer Vika shared. “When they were in the orphanage, they received special care and gifts from Allies sponsors every New Year. But here in the new city, they do not have friends.”

The visit from Vika and her co-volunteers helped to recreate a kind, family atmosphere for the graduated orphans. Everyone talked openly and joked around with one another. Sasha, one of the graduates, even showcased his latest hobby—and budding talent: rapping!

Tamara, the school psychologist, prepared notes that contained wishes for the New Year, while Vika recounted the story of Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth, the very reason for the holiday. Of course, an Allies trip would not be complete without fun games, which made time fly even quicker.

“Meeting the volunteers is always a happy event for us,” said 18-year-old Katya, who recently received an apartment and is now living out of the dormitory. “Before this meeting, we did not have any special feelings about the coming of the New Year, but now we have such a cheerful mood. Thank you for not forgetting about us, and thank you for the gifts.”

When it was time to go, each person exchanged well wishes with one another.

“They were happy to see us, like some happy memories from their childhood,” Vika said. “We will keep meeting with them to develop this important ministry."



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