Fairy Tales Come to Life for Maykop Orphans

Children love fairy tales, and the experience of seeing familiar stories come to life is truly one-of-a-kind. Thanks to a local music theater in Maykop, Allies was able to give this experience to deserving orphans.

“I loved being at the musical theater very much,” Nastya, 12, said. “It was my first time. Before, I thought the theater was boring and uninteresting, but here, they have wonderful actors!”

The children, 15 in total, were not the only ones who were amazed by the performance. The volunteers and the teachers were also impressed. While the theater was small and cozy, the actors majestically filled up the stage by giving much of themselves to the performance, which was full of humor and beautiful songs. Both the teachers and children were so delighted that they expressed their wish to return with the children and watch the actors again.

“I was captivated and charmed by this performance and I did not want it to come to an end!” Nastya added, the excitement evident in her words. “How wonderful the actors sang! I would love to come here again!"



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